[robotics-worldwide] Third CFP and Submission Deadline Extension - Journal of Field Robotics Special Issue on State of the Art in Maritime Autonomous Surface and Underwater Vehicles

Terry Huntsberger terry.huntsberger at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed Nov 11 07:22:12 PST 2009

This is the Third Call for Papers for the Journal of Field Robotics  
Special Issue
on State of the Art in Maritime Autonomous Surface and Underwater  


Special Issue on State of the Art in Maritime Autonomous Surface and  
Underwater Vehicles

Special Issue Guest Editors: Terry Huntsberger, Jet Propulsion  
Laboratory, Michael Keegan,
Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Newport Division & Robert Brizzolara,  
Office of Naval Research

This Special Issue focuses on state-of-the-art developments in  
maritime autonomy and control
for autonomous surface vehicles (ASVs) and autonomous underwater  
vehicles (AUVs). The
maritime domain poses a number of challenges for the development of  
autonomy algorithms
for these types of vehicles. Among the these challenges are the  
oftentimes low bandwidth or
no communication links with a control station, no easy access to GPS  
information for localization
in the case of AUVs, widely varying sea-state conditions, possible  
limited sensing capabilities due
to power and volume constraints, and strong currents and winds. A  
previous (June 2007) Special
Issue of the Journal of Field Robotics on AUVs concentrated on  
platforms, monitoring and
characterization of maritime environments, and vehicle health  
management.  The goal of this
Special Issue is to publish outstanding results in the maturation and  
testing of the autonomy
technologies for both autonomous sea surface and underwater vehicles  
that are currently
being fielded through collaborations between university, industry and  
military. The concentration
of the Special Issue will be on systems that have been tested in the  

List of topics
·               Autonomy for coordinated operations between  
autonomous maritime vehicles
·               Real-time, onboard optimization of planning & execution
·               Autonomy for heterogeneous maritime vehicles
·               Adaptive and/or variable levels of autonomy
·               Maritime image understanding for domain awareness
·               Higher-level autonomy algorithms in the decision- 
making and control loops
·               Sensors and sensor processing algorithms/fusion for  
maritime vehicle autonomy
·               Obstacle avoidance, and other GNC functions for  
autonomous navigation
·               Human-machine interfaces for control of single and  
multiple maritime autonomous vehicles
·               Biologically inspired approaches to intelligent  
autonomy for autonomous maritime vehicles
·               Collaborative control of multiple heterogeneous  
autonomous vehicles
·               Fleet management of autonomous vehicles operating  
under heterogeneous constraints on
                 control and communication

Authors are encouraged to submit multimedia attachments to the paper  
(data sets, models and videos)
as a means of enhancing the submission.

Important Dates:
·      January 15, 2010 – Submission of manuscripts
·      April 5, 2010 – Reviews sent to the authors
·      June 30, 2010 – Final manuscripts due for publication

Details for manuscript submission can be found at:


under the "Info for Authors" tab at the top of the page.

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