[robotics-worldwide] Call for Participation: 2010 AAAI Robotics Workshop and Exhibition - Atlanta GA

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Tue Nov 24 11:22:32 PST 2009

We are pleased to announce

The 2010 AAAI Robotics Exhibition and Workshop featuring

  Learning from Demonstration Challenge
  Small scale Manipulation Challenge: Robotic Chess
  Student Research Challenge
  The Robot Exhibition featuring 2010 ICRA Mobile Manipulation Challenge Teams
  Workshop: Enabling Intelligence through Middleware

      2010 AAAI Semantic Robot Vision Challenge


July 11-15, 2010
Atlanta, GA, USA

The Nineteenth Edition of Robotics Program at AAAI features the
long-standing Robotics Exhibitions as well as demonstration and
challenges in emerging areas of robotics research.  The Robotics
Program has a long tradition of demonstrating innovating research in
robotics at the intersection with artificial intelligence.  This year,
the AAAI-10 Robotics Program will feature an open robotics exhibition,
demonstrations for intelligent robotics challenge problems, and a
workshop to present current results and discuss future directions.

Moving forward, the theme for AAAI-10 Robotics is “Enabling
Intelligence through Middleware“.  This theme aims to cultivate
challenge experiments to advance specific problems in robotics
research and education.  Each challenge is intended to be an
experiment designed to motivate and evaluate an individual function of
artificial intelligence for robotics, similar to the Semantic Robot
Vision Challenge at AAAI-07.  These challenges are meant to identify
problems of interest as well as promote common metrics and experiments
that are reproducible by individual researchers.

** Workshop: Enabling Intelligence through Middleware

This workshop focuses on how to leverage robotics knowledge and
research in other communities through the use of standardized
middleware.  Very few existing robotics development architectures are
used outside of the group developing them.  In addition, algorithms
and approaches developed in one architecture are rarely ported to
another, creating a barrier to reusing good solutions and hampers the
ability to validate results in more than one environment.

This workshop features a panel discussion led by prominent
architecture research groups. The goal is to create a roadmap to
common environments and tools.  This workshop will also feature
presentations by exhibitors in challenge areas that highlight current

** Semantic Robot Vision Challenge
The Semantic Robot Vision Challenge (abbreviated SRVC) is a research
competition that is designed to push the state of the art in image
understanding and automatic acquisition of knowledge from large
unstructured databases of images (such as those generally found on the
web). In this competition, fully autonomous robots receive a text list
of objects that they are to find. They use the web to automatically
find image examples of those objects in order to learn visual models.
Then they navigate the competition arena and use the visual models to
take snapshots of objects they can identify. The winner is the robot that
 takes the largest number of pictures of objects from the text list.

** Learning by Demonstration Challenge
The 2010 AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence will be hosting
the second annual exhibit and challenge on robot Learning by
Demonstration (LbD).  The purpose of this event is to bring together
research and commercial groups to demonstrate complete platforms
performing LbD tasks.  Our long-term aim is to define increasingly
challenging experiments for future LbD events and greater scientific
understanding of the area.  We welcome contributions that demonstrate
physically embodied robots learning a task or skill from a human

** Small Scale Manipulation Challenge: Chess
The ICRA-2010 and AAAI-2010 Small-Scale Manipulation Challenge is
designed to highlight advances in embodied intelligence using smaller
than human size robots. Robotic chess requires the integration of
sensing, planning and actuation and provides an opportunity for
performance on a common, well-defined task.

** Student Research Challenge
The AAAI 2010 Student Robotics Challenge invites entries by teams or
individuals. Entries consist of one or more physical robots that will
exhibit a subset of these skills:

   * exploration -- safely traversing the environment
   * manipulation -- gathering landmarks or other tokens from the environment
   * modeling -- collecting and reporting information about the
surroundings and/or landmarks

These three skills certainly occupy a central place in embodied AI.
However, in order to offer an event that supports existing curricula
as much as possible, these tasks are also quite flexible. For example,
teams are encouraged to augment the environment with landmarks of
their own choosing or design. Teams are also encouraged to choose
hardware, software, and algorithmic approaches that enhance and extend
class projects, independent studies, and/or research into AI robotics.

** Mobile Manipulation Demonstration
Participants in the 2010 Mobile Manipulation Challenge held in
Anchorage AK  will showcase their entries.  High-level autonomous
tasks include object retrieval and dishwasher loading.  Additional
information on that challenge can be found at

Call for Participation

AAAI-10 Robotics Workshop: Enabling Intelligence through Middleware

The AAAI-10 workshop will feature researchers that contribute to the
design, implementation or use of robotics middleware.  The goal is to
examine the state of robotics middleware and map out future directions
that increase usability, robustness and component reuse.  Participants
are invited to showcase middleware innovations as exhibitors through
demonstrations.  Selected exhibitors will be asked to serve on the
middleware panel as experts.

Those interested in exhibiting or serving as panelists should prepare
a 1-2 page proposal containing:

   (1) the names and affiliation of the exhibitors;
   (2) a summary of the objectives and methods of the underlying research; and
   (3) description or visual of what the exhibit (or video) will show.

The proposal must be emailed to Monica Anderson by April 1, 2010 as a
PDF document.

All participants accepted for the Robotics Exhibition and Challenges
are invited to participate in the AAAI-10 Robotics Workshop.
Proposals for participation in the workshop alone will not be

AAAI-10 Robotics Exhibition

The Robotics Exhibition is open to demonstrations in all areas of
robotics research, education, and commercial development.
Demonstrations are preferred to be live demonstrations of robots in
action, but can also be combined video and poster presentations of
interesting robotics projects.

Those interested in exhibiting should prepare a 1-2 page proposal containing:

   (1) the names and affiliation of the exhibitors;
   (2) a summary of the objectives and methods of the underlying research; and
   (3) description or visual of what the exhibit (or video) will show.

The proposal must be emailed to Monica Anderson by April 1, 2010 as a
PDF document.

AAAI-10 Robotics Challenges

Participation in the Semantic Robot Vision, Chess and Learning by
Demonstration challenge will be handled by the organizers of each
event.  Each challenges has a specific time-table that includes
submission of intent, qualification and registration.    Please refer
to the websites for the individual challenge questions or consult the
corresponding organizers.

   * Semantic Robot Vision Challenge -
   * Learning by Demonstration Challenge -
   * Small Scale Manipulation Challenge: Robotic Chess -
   * Student Research Challenge - http://www.cs.hmc.edu/ijcai09urc/

Travel Support
Partial travel support may be available for participants.

Important Dates (tentative - refer to individual websites for updates)

   *     11/15/09    Call for Participation Announced
   *     02/01/10    Intention to Participate in Challenges Due (see
individual website for submission details)
   *     03/01/10    1-2 page Challenge Qualification Due (see
individual submission website for details)
   *     04/01/10    1-page Workshop Exhibition Proposal Due
   *     05/01/10    Notification of Acceptance
   *     05/01/10    Travel Support Notification
   *     06/15/10    Slide for Programs Due
   *     06/15/10    AAAI Registration Forms Due
   *     07/11/10    AAAI 2010 (July 11-15th)

Organizing Committee

Event Co-Chairs:

       Andrea Thomaz (Georgia Tech)
       Monica Anderson (University of Alabama)

Semantic Vision
       Daniel F. DeMenthon (Johns Hopkins University)
       Paul E. Rybski (Carnegie Mellon University)

Small ScaleMobile Manipulation: Robotic Chess Chair:

       Dave Touretzky (Carnegie Mellon University)

Learning by Demonstration Chair:

      Sonia Chernova (MIT Media Lab)

Mobile Manipulation Co-Chairs:

       Matei Ciocarlie (Columbia University)
       Radu Rusu (TU Munich)

Student Robotics Challenge Co-Chairs:

       Zach Dodds (Harvey Mudd College)

Monica Delaine Anderson
Assistant Professor
The University of Alabama
Box 870290
Tuscaloosa AL 35487
(205) 348-1667
(205) 348-0219
anderson at cs.ua.edu

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