[robotics-worldwide] Internship in Grasping/Manipulation in Menlo Park, CA

Motilal Agrawal agrawal at AI.SRI.COM
Tue Aug 31 09:39:04 PDT 2010

The Artificial Intelligence Center at SRI International in Menlo Park, 
CA is looking for a Ph.D/ Masters student with background in Robotics 
for employment / internships starting immediately. This is your 
opportunity to develop cool software & gain experience with a very cool 
Please check out the video of the robot at


The goal of this project is to develop advanced algorithms for grasping, 
manipulation & perception.
Prior experience with Robotics Systems including ROS & OpenCV is a plus. 
Should be familiar with Linux & be able to program in python/C++. 
Minimum commitment of 6 months for internship. Will help with visa 
processing for the right international candidate. Stipends/Salary 
commensurate with experience.
Please send your CV to agrawal at ai.sri.com

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