[robotics-worldwide] Visiting Scholars Program for OpenSim at Stanford University

Scott Delp delp at stanford.edu
Wed Dec 22 14:40:34 PST 2010

The new National Center for Simulation in Rehabilitation Research  
(NCSRR) is now accepting applications for its Visiting Scholars Program.

NCSRR seeks to bring the power of engineering simulation to  
rehabilitation research.  The Center supports OpenSim (http://simtk.org/home/opensim 
), biomechanical simulation software used by hundreds of research  
teams around the world.  In addition, it provides training  
opportunities, seed grants, and a network of biomechanical and  
clinical experts to accelerate the integration of simulations into  
critical areas of rehabilitation.

Our Visiting Scholars Program is a unique experience that fosters  
expertise and collaborations in biomechanical simulation.   Each year  
up to four individuals will be chosen to visit NCSRR at Stanford  
University for a 10-week period from mid-June to late-August. Each  
visiting scholar will receive a $12,000 stipend, plus up to $3000 for  
travel expenses.  During their visits, awardees will receive training  
and mentoring to help them reach their research goals.  They will have  
the opportunity to participate in formal meetings, discussions with  
OpenSim experts, and brainstorming sessions with their fellow visiting  
scholars to advance their research and the OpenSim project.  The  
Visiting Scholars Program is intended for faculty members and  
postdoctoral fellows with exceptional skills in computer science,  
simulation, and biomechanics who will advance the field of movement  
science through the the development of new software, biomechanical  
models, and outstanding research.

Applications are due on January 17, 2011 .  For more information and  
applications, visit our website:    http://opensim.stanford.edu

Best wishes - Scott
Scott L. Delp
James H. Clark Professor
Schools of Engineering and Medicine
Stanford University

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