[robotics-worldwide] Engineer / Post-Doc Position at ENSTA-ParisTech "Embedded vision on parallel computing platform"

Antoine Manzanera antoine.manzanera at ensta.fr
Wed Feb 3 03:38:11 PST 2010

The Electronics and Computer Science Laboratory of ENSTA-ParisTech 
(http://www.ensta.fr), carrying out academic and industrial research in 
Robotics and Vision, offers an Engineer / Post-Doctoral position to 
develop, characterize and optimize Vision applications on off-the-shelf 
parallel computing platform.

Instances of such platform range from GPU (e.g. NVIDIA Fermi) to low 
power multimedia circuit embedded in cell phones (e.g. TI OMAP). They 
use dedicated development environments and operating systems, that will 
need specific learning efforts, possibly including some hardware aspects.

Applications will be related to mobile robotics or video surveillance. 
More specifically, object characterization and recognition, or visual 
cartography and navigation for autonomous vehicle will be considered. 
Parallel computing will naturally be used to accelerate the most 
intensive tasks, such as feature extraction (e.g. salient points), or 
the implementation of machine learning techniques. A key issue will be 
to manage irregularity in data processing.

Algorithmic choices, in particular those dealing with the target 
application or the adequation with the chosen architecture, will be made 
in collaboration with one or more faculty members, and the resulting 
works are vowed to be published.

The preferred profile of the applicant is a post-doctoral researcher 
with particular interest in the actual realization of his ideas. He can 
also be an engineer without a PhD, but motivated by the search and 
analysis of optimal solutions to a problem.

Knowledge and skills:
- Comfortable in programming, including C and C++
- Good culture in Hard/Soft-ware, Operating systems, Parallel Computing
- Image processing and/or Machine learning techniques (appreciated)

Human qualities:
- Motivation, tenacity, willingness
- Curiosity, open-mindness
- Good listening
- Easy relationship, good communication

Duration: 6 months starting march/april 2010, renewable for 6 to 9 months

Net salary: approximately 2000 euros per month

Contact persons: Thierry.Bernard at ensta.fr, Antoine.Manzanera at ensta.fr

Antoine Manzanera

Labo. d'Electronique et Informatique
ENSTA-ParisTech - 32 Bd Victor - PARIS

Tel. +33 1 45 52 44 42
Mob. +33 6 28 20 99 46
Fax. +33 1 45 52 83 27


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