[robotics-worldwide] CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS: ICRA2010 Workshop Best Practice in 3D Perception and Modeling for Mobile Manipulation

Alexey Zakharov zakharov at gps-stuttgart.de
Thu Feb 11 00:39:33 PST 2010

        ICRA2010 Workshop: Best Practice in 3D Perception and Modeling
        Mobile Manipulation
        When: May 3, 2010
        Where: IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation
        (ICRA2010) in Anchorage, Alaska
        Submission deadline: March 7, 2010
        Although robotics research and development has made significant
        and reached outstanding results in the past 10 to 
        15 years, the development of new robot systems and applications
        remained a challenge taking significant time and effort. 
        This is not only due to the complexity of these systems but also
        to the
        fact that new robot systems or applications are 
        typically highly specialized, unique, and developed from
        Little attention has been paid to the creation of easily
        re-usable, interoperable components and solutions. 
        Frequently, these specialized developments elude any non-trivial
        performance evaluation and comparison. The situation for 
        the development of robotic control software and also for
        tools is not much different. This leads to excessively 
        high development costs and times, long innovation and production
        moderate system robustness or short to a significant 
        waste of resources.
        Together with interested people we would like to discuss a
        framework that can be applied to a hopefully large number 
        of robotic tasks and algorithms in 3D Perception and Modeling,
        and not
        only to one or two. The challenge is to make such a 
        framework sustainable, so that it accommodates not only existing
        algorithms but also future developments, and the key challenge 
        is to make this framework really appealing to the robotics
        Our goal is to link the workshop to previous events held at
        conferences in the mobile robotics field, including:
        IROS09 (St. Louis) - Semantic Perception for Mobile Manipulation
        workshop organized by Radu Bogdan Rusu, Gary Bradski, Kurt 
        Konolige and Michael Beetz
        The list of topics of interest includes, but are not necessary
        *Best of 3D Perception and Modeling Algorithms for Mobile
                *semantic scene interpretation based on point clouds
                *object modeling for manipulation and grasping
                *accurate 3D collision models
                *surface reconstruction for close-range scenes
                *vision for manipulation
                *deformable objects
                *object classification based on manipulation
        *Harmonization and Benchmarking of 3D Perception and Modeling
                *harmonization of operational context and conditions for
                *specification and harmonization of performance
                *definition of (a language for) abstraction levels and
        descriptions of robot algorithms including description 
                 of I/O behavior, module dependencies, timing and
        hardware dependencies
                *harmonization of data structures and external (and
        internal) models
        referred to by an algorithm
                *harmonization of interfaces, and communication
                *analysis of real-time requirements
                *definition of test condition and procedures and
        benchmarks for
        comparative evaluation
        We solicit paper submissions, optionally accompanied by a video,
        both of
        which will be reviewed (not double-blind) by the program 
        committee. The review criteria will be: technical quality,
        of system demonstration, and topicality. We aim to 
        accept 9--12 papers for oral presentation at the meeting. Videos
        will be
        shown during an afternoon session open to the public.
        Accepted papers and videos will be assembled into proceedings
        distributed in CD format at the workshop. If there is
        interest, we will pursue publication of a special journal issue
        or a
        book to include extended versions of the best papers.
        Papers should be in PDF, conform to the IEEE requirements, and
        maximum of 8 pages in length (shorter papers are welcome).
        should be in the MPEG format, 3-5 minutes in length, and easily
        with free video players (please try playing your video on a 
        couple of different machines before submitting).
        Email submissions to: ICRA2010-3D at best-of-robotics.org. Please
        do not
        attach video files to email; include a URL instead.
        Important dates:
        Submission deadline: March 7, 2010
        Notification af acceptance: April 7, 2010
        Workshop: May 3, 2010
        *Radu Bogdan Rusu – Willow Garage, Inc
        *Andreas Nüchter – Jacobs University Bremen, gGmbH
        *Gary Bradski – Stanford University / Willow Garage, Inc
        *Alexey Zakharov – GPS Gesellschaft für Produktionssysteme GmbH
        Program Committee: 
        *Nico Blodow, Technische Universitaet Muenchen, Germany
        *Matei Ciocarlie, Willow Garage, USA
        *Joachim Hertzberg, University of Osnabrueck, Germany 
        *Kurt Konolige, Willow Garage, USA
        *Marius Muja, University of British Columbia, USA
        *Daniel Munoz, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
        *Min Sun, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, USA
        Best regards, 

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