[robotics-worldwide] The call of the International Summer School on Screw-Theory based Methods in Robotics

Matteo Zoppi zoppi at dimec.unige.it
Wed Feb 10 11:15:19 PST 2010

Dear colleague,

We are pleased to invite participants to:

The Second International Summer School on

Screw-Theory Based Methods in Robotics

26 July -- 6 August 2010

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China


The first edition of Summer Screws, as the event is known
informally, was held in Genoa, Italy, in August 2009. The
very high attendance and the enthusiastic feedback last
year confirmed that this initiative provides a service
that the robotics community needs and values.

Summer Screws 2010 will gather seven experts in the
robotics applications of screw theory, and up to 50
participants, at Shanghai Jiao Tong University during the
last week of July and the first week of August. The
summer school will teach attendees how to apply existing
methods and empower them to develop new ones in their own
research. The basic theoretical notions will be
introduced in a rigorous manner, with emphasis on
examples, applications, and exercises.

The main topics will be:

1. Basic vector-space properties of twists and wrenches:
physical interpretation of the linear operations; linear
dependence and independence, subspaces; bases and
coordinates. (Lecturer: Dimiter Zlatanov)

2. Scalar products, dual spaces, reciprocity. Constraint
and freedom in mechanisms. Constraint analysis, type
synthesis of single loop mechanisms, type synthesis of
parallel manipulators. (Lecturers: Xianwen Kong)

3. Velocity and singularity analysis of parallel and
interconnected-chain mechanisms. Derivation of
input-output velocity equations and singularity
conditions. (Lecturers: Matteo Zoppi and Dimiter

4. Mappings between screw spaces, stiffness and inertia.
Structure of robot compliance. Eigenvalue problems and
eigenscrews. Synthesis with springs. (Lecturer: Harvey

5. 6D formulation of the dynamics of individual rigid
bodies and rigid-body systems. Equations of motion.
Dynamics algorithms.(Lecturer: Roy Featherstone)

6. Basic Lie group theory, matrix representations of the
group of rigid-body displacements.  Lie algebras as
related to screw theory. The exponential map and  its
applications in modern robotics (Lecturer: Jon Selig).

This year the program includes a special lecture on

The G_F set of basic motion units. Boolean calculation of
the G_F set. Type Synthesis of chain and parallel
mechanisms (Lecturer: Feng Gao).

Up to 50 registrations are available at the price of 500
euro, no later than 30 May, 2010.

Summer Screws 2010 is organized by the School of
Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and
the PMARlab Robotics Group, Department of Mechanics and
Machine Design (DIMEC), University of Genoa.

Summer Screws 2010 will be held immediately after and at
the same location as CCMMS2010 (the 2010 International
Conference on Mechanism and Machine Science, China).
Participants will have the opportunity to visit EXPO2010
which will be held in Shanghai from May 1, 2010.

For more information visit the school's web page:

Chinese website: http://jsyy.sjtu.edu.cn/summer2010/index.htm
English website: http://www.dimec.unige.it/PMAR/summer_screws/SS10/

Sincerely yours,

Feng Gao, Weizhong Guo, Matteo Zoppi, Dimiter Zlatanov

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