[robotics-worldwide] Robot engineer position at Meka Robotics

Aaron Edsinger edsinger at mekabot.com
Wed Feb 17 08:24:53 PST 2010

Meka Robotics, in San Francisco CA,  is looking for a robot engineer to 
contribute to our humanoid robot projects. This position is ideal for 
someone who has a broad robotics background and a depth of experience at 
the hardware/software interface. We're looking for a candidate who has:

* Extensive experience with tuning, testing, and characterization of 
robot sensors and actuators
* Hands on experience troubleshooting digital and power electronics.
* Experience writing clean and modular C++ and Python code at the DSP 
and PC level.
* Familiarity with Linux command line tools, GCC, RTAI, re-compiling a 
kernel, etc

If you value interesting, creative engineering work this could be the 
job for you. Please submit your resume and any supporting material such 
as design portfolios to jobs at mekabot.com.

Aaron Edsinger, PhD
Meka Robotics
1240 Pennsylvania Ave
San Francisco, CA 94107

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