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The new issue of the IEEE Transactions on Robotics is available online at:


This link allows free access to all abstracts of the papers, as well as
full access to the pdf files by subscription (either individual or

The table of contents (with links to pdfs) is as follows:

* Tactile Sensing - From Humans to Humanoids
   Dahiya, R. S.   Metta, G.   Valle, M.   Sandini, G.
   Page(s): 1 - 20

* Consequences of Geometric Imperfections for the Control of
   Redundantly Actuated Parallel Manipulators
   Muller, A.
   Page(s): 21 - 31

* Pursuit-Evasion on Trees by Robot Teams
   Kolling , A.  Carpin, S.
   Page(s): 32 - 47

* Automatic Deployment of Distributed Teams of Robots From
   Temporal Logic Motion Specifications
   Kloetzer, M.  Belta, C.
   Page(s): 48 - 61

* Decentralized Localization of Sparsely-Communicating Robot
   Networks: A Centralized-Equivalent Approach
   Leung, K. Y. K.  Barfoot, T. D.  Liu, H. H. T.
   Page(s): 62 - 77

* Information-Based Compact Pose SLAM
   Ila, V.  Porta, J. M.  Andrade-Cetto, J.
   Page(s): 78 - 93

* Online Trajectory Generation: Basic Concepts for Instantaneous
   Reactions to Unforeseen Events
   Kroger, T.  Wahl, F. M.
   Page(s): 94 - 111

* Robustness of Image-Based Visual Servoing With a Calibrated Camera
   in the Presence of Uncertainties in the Three-Dimensional Structure
   Malis, E.  Mezouar, Y.  Rives, P.
   Page(s): 112 - 120

* Bioinspired Visuomotor Convergence
   Humbert, J. S.  Hyslop, A. M.
   Page(s): 121 - 130

* Flat Dry Elastomer Adhesives as Attachment Materials for Climbing Robots
   Unver, O.  Sitti, M.
   Page(s): 131 - 141

* Control of a Speech Robot via an Optimum Neural-Network-Based Internal
   Model With Constraints
   Blagouchine, I. V.  Moreau, E.
   Page(s): 142 - 159

* Influence of Vibration Modes and Human Operator on the Stability
   of Haptic Rendering
   Diaz, I.  Gil, J. J.
   Page(s): 160 - 165

* Kinematic-Sensitivity Indices for Dimensionally Nonhomogeneous
   Jacobian Matrices
   Cardou, P.  Bouchard, S.  Gosselin, C.
   Page(s): 166 - 173

* Coordinated Kinematic Control of Compliantly Coupled Multirobot
   Systems in an Array Format
   Kim, Y.  Minor, M. A.
   Page(s): 173 - 180

* Revising the Robust-Control Design for Rigid Robot Manipulators
   Bascetta, L.  Rocco, P.
   Page(s): 180 - 187

* A Model of Proximity Control for Information-Presenting Robots
   Yamaoka, F.  Kanda, T.  Ishiguro, H.  Hagita, N.
   Page(s): 187 - 195

* Path Planning for Improved Visibility Using a Probabilistic Road Map
   Baumann, M.  Leonard, S.  Croft, E. A.  Little, J. J.
   Page(s): 195 - 200

* Autonomous Robotic Pick-and-Place of Microobjects
   Zhang, Y.  Chen, B. K.  Liu, X.  Sun, Y.
   Page(s): 200 - 207

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