[robotics-worldwide] Announcement WorkShop: Nao, a development platform for humanoid and companion robotics

Marine Fabre mfabre at aldebaran-robotics.com
Tue Feb 23 02:47:01 PST 2010


EUROP-EURON, March 10-12,  2010, San Sebastian, Spain


----------------Date of Workshop : March 12,  2010------------

-------Title :
Nao, a development platform for humanoid and companion robotics
*Motivation and objectives:*
More and more Academic institutions are using Nao as a platform to tackle
the challenges of humanoid robotics. Aldebaran will ultimately be targetting
a larger audience with applications such as companionship or service to
people. These markets can only be addressed when Nao can provide innovative
functions developed by academic partners. The aim of this workshop is to
collect experiences from existing research with Nao and elaborate on steps
that are necessary for Companion Robotics to take off.
*Approach and expected results:*
The workshop will consist in presentations of approximately 15 minutes on
real life experiences of research with Nao and practical issues involved
with this platform. Aldebaran will start the workshop by talking 15 minutes
about recent developments and how new features have been added to Nao.
The expected results of the workshop are to make researchers aware of
experiences lead by other academics and by the manufacturer of the robotic
*How can you contribute to, and prepare for, the workshop?
*Send to the organizer a short abstract, for a 15 minute interactive talk
with videos and examples. Nao will be attending. If you wish to show things
live you can bring your own USB key. We aim at a fun and productive meeting
The structure of the presentation could be as follows:
- Description of the research objectives
- How Nao contributed to this research
- Which tools / approach have been used
- What are the results
- How do you plan to use Nao in the future
- Ideas of improvements for Nao

DEADLINE :  by *March 7, 2010*.

-------Organizers :
Rodolphe Gelin, Aldebaran Robotics
rgelin at aldebaran-robotics.com

Bruno Petit, Aldebaran Robotics
bpetit at aldebaran-robotics.com

Marine Fabre
Event Coordinator
01 77 37 17 97

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