[robotics-worldwide] Deadline Extension - ICAPS'10 Workshop: Combining Action and Motion Planning (CAMP)

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ICAPS'10 Workshop: Combining Action and Motion Planning (CAMP)


May 12/13, 2010 in Toronto, Canada
(part of ICAPS 2010, the Twentieth International Conference 
on Automated Planning and Scheduling)


Recent advances in robotics have allowed robots to operate in 
cluttered and complex spaces. Robots, such as humanoids and 
mobile manipulators, now have the capacity to understand and 
change the structure of their environments. These robots require 
new, elaborate planning strategies that handle the full complexity 
of open-ended, real-world tasks. From long lasting space missions 
to daily house hold chores, new decision-making methods must 
handle challenges where semantics and geometry are strongly linked.

Since the development of Shakey, the various fields of planning 
have made significant progress in their individual domains. Yet, 
future robot planners must go beyond a simple juxtaposition of 
symbolic and geometric reasoning. They require new strategies 
that explicitly consider the interactions between distinct methods 
of planning. Even within each method, novel data structures, 
representations and search algorithms should be designed to 
take into account the complete task: from high-level goals to low 
level motion commands.

The goal of this workshop is to encourage interaction between 
researchers in the fields of motion planning, spatial reasoning, 
task and action planning. We will identify approaches, models and 
algorithms that bridge the gap between these distinct approaches 
to autonomous reasoning.


Paper submission: March 12th, 2010 (extended)
Paper notification: March 24th, 2010
Final papers: March 31st, 2010


Papers should conform to the AAAI style guide, with a maximum 
length of 10 pages (8 pages preferred). 
We also welcome the submission of 2-3 page short application papers.

Submission should be done through Easy Chair: 


Emrah Akin Sisbot - LAAS/CNRS
Rachid Alami - LAAS/CNRS
Mike Stilman - Georgia Institute of Technology

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