[robotics-worldwide] Call for Papers: ICRA 2010 Workshop on Search and Pursuit/Evasion

Geoff Hollinger gholling at andrew.cmu.edu
Wed Jan 13 13:18:47 PST 2010

Call for papers ICRA10 Workshop:
Search and Pursuit/Evasion in the Physical World: Efficiency, Scalability,
and Guarantees

IEEE International Conference on Automation (ICRA10) Workshop
Anchorage, Alaska
May 3-8, 2010

Abstract (Full-Day Workshop)

This workshop will bring together researchers in all areas of
pursuit/evasion and search. This includes (but is not limited to) geometric
approaches, probabilistic optimization, graph theoretic search, decision
theoretic planning, and adversarial search. The primary focus will be on
multi-robot search, which includes unmanned ground (UGVs), aerial (UAVs),
surface (USVs), and underwater (UUVs) vehicles, as well as heterogeneous
search teams in both outdoor and indoor environments. Various sensors,
including cameras and laser scanners, will be examined, and search for both
adversarial and non-adversarial targets will be considered. The theme of
this workshop is to unify various formulations of the search problem and
move towards a common theoretical and applied framework for search with
autonomous robots. This workshop also will be of interest to those working
in the general areas of multi-agent systems, distributed computation, and
approximation algorithms.

Call for Papers

We invite contributions in areas of search and pursuit/evasion applicable to
mobile robotics. Both theoretical and applied papers are encouraged. The
common theme is the unification of various formulations of the search and
pursuit/evasion problems, which includes papers spanning one or more of the
following threads:

   * Graph search and theoretical foundations
   * Geometric approaches to search in polygonal environments
   * Adversarial search on discrete and continuous representations
   * Game theoretic approaches to search
   * Bounded approximation algorithms for search
   * Distributed planning and estimation for multiple searchers
   * Sensing and perception for search
   * Urban search and rescue and emergency response
   * Search with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and/or Unmanned Underwater
   * Combining search and target tracking
   * Search systems and applications

Papers should be in IEEE format. Page limit is 6 pages (extended abstracts,
in addition to full papers, will also be considered). The authors of
selected papers will have the opportunity to present their work during the
workshop either as a regular presentation or with a poster along with a
short spotlight presentation.  Submission instructions are available on the
workshop website:


Expanded versions of selected contributed papers will be considered for a
special issue in an international journal (to be decided).

Important Dates

   * Contributed papers due: March 5, 2010
   * Notification of acceptance: March 26, 2010
   * ICRA 2010 commences in Anchorage, Alaska: May 3-8, 2010

Confirmed Workshop Speakers

   * Prof. David Hsu, National Univ. of Singapore
   * Prof. Dinesh Manocha, Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
   * Prof. Gaurav Sukhatme, Univ. of Southern California
   * Prof. Karl Hedrick, Univ. of California at Berkeley
   * Prof. Nick Roy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
   * Prof. Stefano Carpin, Univ. of California at Merced
   * Prof. Seth Hutchinson, Univ. of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
   * Prof. Sven Koenig, Univ. of Southern California
   * Prof. Tomonari Furukawa, Virginia Tech

Workshop Organizers

Geoffrey Hollinger, Carnegie Mellon University, gholling at ri.cmu.edu
Volkan Isler, University of Minnesota, isler at cs.umn.edu
Timothy H. Chung, Naval Postgraduate School, tchung at nps.edu

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