[robotics-worldwide] Open Position for PhD student in Robotics

Carlos Sagues csagues at unizar.es
Sun Jan 17 14:39:27 PST 2010

The Robotics Perception and Real Time group of the
Aragón Institute of Engineering Research (I3A) in the
University of Zaragoza - SPAIN

offers a Position for PhD students into the Research Project

TEams of robots for Service and Security missiOns - TESSEO
Ref : DPI 2009-08126

The project proposes to investigate techniques 
for a multi-robot team to act coordinately and cooperatively. This involves
planning, navigation, perception with different 
sensors, learning and communications.

The task of the selected candidate towards the PhD is in the following context:

Title.- Cooperative missions with connectivity restrictions.
Summary.- The team of robots should cooperate in 
perception, action and communications. One key 
topic inside the cooperation is to share the 
information. The Research proposed for the 
student towards the PhD aims to reply to the 
questions: "Which", "When" and "How" the 
information owned by each robot should be shared. 
It is assumed that the team of robots must carry 
out the mission in conditions of 
restricted  bandwidth and network connectivity. 
Part of the research will be focused in the 
construction, actualization and planning of 
communications maps integrating geometric and 
topological information, as well as 
communications coverage. Its is very important to 
classify the information to be shared when 
carrying out cooperative perception or navigation 
just to maintain the functional and temporal 
integrity of the mission. In networks with 
bandwidth restrictions the amount of information 
to be shared should be minimized. The security, 
the bandwidth and the temporal constraints should 
be guaranteed by the proposed wireless protocols.

The applications should be introduced by the 
candidates in the MICINN web page. (Expected during January)
The conducted research should be done during 4 years.
Salary: around 1200 Euros/month

The interested candidates should contact with

Carlos Sagues
Departamento de Informática e Ingeniería de Sistemas
Universidad de Zaragoza
María de Luna 1
E-50018 Zaragoza
Phone 34-976-761940 - Fax 34-976-761914
mailto:csagues at unizar.es

Prof. Carlos Sagues
Computer Science and Systems Engineering, DIIS-I3A
University of Zaragoza
María de Luna 1
E-50018 Zaragoza
Phone 34-976-761940 - Fax 34-976-761914
mailto:csagues at unizar.es

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