[robotics-worldwide] CALL FOR PAPERS: Artificial Life XII

Kasper Stoy kaspers at mmmi.sdu.dk
Sun Jan 17 23:58:53 PST 2010

We encourage submission of all work on robotics with focus on life-like 
properties such as self-replication, self-assembly, self-organization, 
metabolism, adaptation, and evolution. See full call for paper below.
If you have questions please contact us at questions at alifexii.org

Kasper Stoy, Ph.D.
Associate Prof.
Modular Robotics Lab
University of Southern Denmark


CALL FOR PAPERS: Artificial Life XII

The Twelfth International Conference on the Synthesis and Simulation of
Living Systems 19th - 23rd August 2010, Odense, Denmark


You are invited to submit papers to the upcoming Twelfth International
Conference on Artificial Life. Please forward this call responsibly.

Important Dates

     * 28 February 2010: Full paper/abstract submission deadline
     * 16 April 2010: Notice of acceptance for full papers
     * 7 May 2010: Camera ready deadline
     * 19-23 August 2010: Conference dates


It is a great pleasure for the Center for Fundamental Living Technology
(FLinT) at University of Southern Denmark (SDU) to host the 12th
International Conference on Artificial Life.

The conference will be organized around the theme of identifying and
synthesizing the critical properties of living and life-like systems
(e.g., self-replication, self-assembly, self-organization, metabolism,
adaptation, evolution). The meeting will reflect all of the main areas
of artificial life research, including “wet” systems based on carbon
chemistry, “soft” systems realized just in software, and “hard” systems
consisting of autonomous robotic agents, as well as a variety of social
and technical systems that embody the critical properties of living
systems. The conference will have broad interdisciplinary interest,
because “living” processes are found virtually everywhere.

It has been a decade since the last organized effort to identify the key
open problems in artificial life. So, another important goal of the
workshop is to review progress on the open problems and re-evaluate what
are the key open problems today.

Some sessions in the conference will be devoted to detailed discussion
of specific subjects. We envision a variety of smaller forums, which
will address such topics as the chemistry of assembling protocells, the
energetics and mechanical implementation of robots, or software and
social issues for collective intelligence platforms. In addition, a
poster session will give the opportunity to discuss selected works
peer-to-peer. In this manner, we hope the conference can increase both
the depth and breath of the scientific work presented.
The conference will be held in Odense, one of the oldest cities of
Denmark. As Denmark's third-largest city, it offers a mixture of
night-life, beautiful street-scapes, great shopping opportunities and a
rich cultural heritage.

Prospective participants will have four tracks for participating in the

    1. submitting a paper to be presented at the conference and
published in the conference proceedings (tentatively to be published by
MIT Press),
    2. submitting an abstract for a presentation or poster at the
    3. proposing a conference session of a number of people presenting
work on a specific subject,
    4. proposing a self-organized satellite workshops, which would take
place immediately before, during or immediately after the conference.
(please see the detailed instructions).

All submissions will be subject to peer review, and submissions to
tracks 1 and 2 have an equal chance of being accepted as presentations.
Revised and expanded versions of excellent presentations at the
conference will be placed on a fast-track for submission to the
Artificial Life journal.

Paper/Abstract Format

There are two options for submission: either full paper format or
abstract format.  Full papers have an 8 page maximum length, while
abstracts are limited to 500 words.  Every submission will be subject to
full peer review.  All accepted submissions will be allocated an oral
presentation slot with no distinction being made between the two
submission formats.  All formatting guidelines (including word and latex
style files) and submission instructions are available on the conference
submission page.


Every accepted full-paper and abstract submission will be published by
MIT Press in a single online open-access proceedings volume.  The best
15-20 papers will have the opportunity to be published in special issues
of the MIT Press journal Artificial Life.


Steen Rasmussen (chair), Lone Ladegaard (administrative chair), Martin
Hanczyc, Pierre-Alain Monnard, Kasper Støy, Daniel Merkle, Harold
Fellermann, Mark Dörr, Sarah Maurer

Host Institution

FLinT Center for Fundamental Living Technology,
Department of Physics and Chemistry
University of Southern Denmark


For further information about the conference program, travel,
accommodation, and local arrangements, please see the rest of this
website, www.alifexii.org.  For questions about the submission and
reviewing process, please email submissions at alifexii.org.  For all other
questions, contact questions at alifexii.org.

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