[robotics-worldwide] Euron robotics references database

Jean-Pierre Merlet Jean-Pierre.Merlet at sophia.inria.fr
Sun Jan 24 03:14:33 PST 2010

As part of its dissemination activities Euron, the European robotics 
network, will create a robotics reference database that will be freely 

The starting point for building this database will be references files 
in the Bibtex format that may be provided by laboratories or 
individuals. The reference database will then be build automatically 
from the collected Bibtex files.

The Bibtex files has to be sent to: Jean-Pierre.Merlet at inria.fr

with the first and last name of the contributor.

If possible the BibTex file should use the KEYWORDS entry of the BibTex 
format. Otherwise if the file is related to a specific area of robotics 
the contributor should indicate a list of related english keywords. 
There is no pre-defined keywords at this time.

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