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*** Deadline extended to: July 7th (Wed) ***

IROS 2010 Workshop on Standardization for Service Robots:
Current Status and Future Directions

October 18th (Mon), 2010  09:00-18:00
Taipei International Convention Center, Taipei, Taiwan

The full day workshop aims to introduce the current status on service
robot standardization activity and to encourage discussion and mutual
understanding on elements for realizing effective service robots in
real world. Invited sessions with representative professionals who are
actively working on standardization of service robots and related
fields are organized, as well as general sessions consisting of
submissions of related interests. Panel discussion on future direction
of establishing effective standards for service robots will also be

* Important Dates:
Jul. 07, 2010:	Paper submission deadline (extended)
Jul. 20, 2010:	Notification
Jul. 27, 2010:	Camera ready deadline
Oct. 18, 2010:	Workshop

* Submission Guideline:
Manuscripts must be in English, max. 6 pages in the standard IROS
format, converted to PDF.
Submit by sending the pdf to: nishio at atr.jp

* Motivation and Objectives:
Recently, numbers of activities have started to establish standards
for service robots in various international organizations such as
IEEE, ISO, ITU-T, OGC and OMG. Following the first standard for
robotic components in 2008 (Robotic Technology Component 1.0, OMG),
the world's first standard aimed specifically for service robots has
just been published in February 2010 (Robotic Localization Service
1.0, OMG).
With the rapid progress in robotics and IT technology, the robot
systems are fast becoming larger and more complicated, Moreover, as
recent notions such as structured or smart environment suggests,
researchers are now heading toward spatial expansion of the idea of
robots; that is, robots are no longer limited within a single body but
the total system integrated over environmental facilities, multiple
cooperative robots and external information resources. At the same
time, it is getting more and more difficult to build robots that can
effectively operate in real environments. Thus, both for starting up a
new industry for service robots and for the ease to focus on specific
research fields such as HRI, interconnectability and resusability of
various elements that make a complete robotic system are
essential. For a long time, service robots had been thought to be in
'research' stage. But it is now the time to head toward
industrialization and standardization.
The aim of this workshop is to introduce the ongoing activities for
standardization and to seek future elements and directions for service
robots. In addition to current works on robotics, trends in related
areas that are considered to be essential for service robots to serve
in our daily environments such as ubiquitous network, sensor network
or geographical information systems will be introduced.

* Topics:
The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
- Standardization on service robotics and related fields
- Interoperability with related systems
- Middleware and platform for service robots
- Design pattern for service robots
- Robotic service description language
- Robotic service performance measurement
- Proposal of new items for standardization

* Intended audience:
The workshop will be of particular interest to robotic engineers and
researchers that work in the general areas of service robots. It will
also be an opportunity to engineers and researchers working in the
field of sensor network, ubiquitous network or geographic information
system to learn the state-of-the-art in service robotics and how these
systems are to be used in various robotic services, and at the same
time, to utilize robotic technology in their fields. Standardization
is especially important for the emerge of the new service robot
industry and therefore this workshop can attract the interest of the
general service robot community.

* Organizers:
- Shuichi Nishio
  Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratories
  Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR)
- Young-Jo Cho
  Robot/Cognitive System Research Department
  Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institute (ETRI)
- Miwako Doi
  Humancentric Laboratory, Corporate Research & Development Center
  Toshiba Corporation
- Wonpil Yu
  Robot/Cognitive System Research Department
  Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI)

* Contact:
For questions/submissions, please contact: Shuichi Nishio (nishio at atr.jp)

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