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The new issue of the IEEE Transactions on Robotics is available
online at:


This link allows free access to all abstracts of the papers, as well as
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The table of contents is as follows:

* 1T2R Parallel Mechanisms Without Parasitic Motion,
   Li, Q.  Herve, J.
   Page(s): 401 - 410

* Kinematic-Parameter Identification for Serial-Robot Calibration
   Based on POE Formula,
   He, R.  Zhao, Y.  Yang, S.
   Page(s): 411 - 423

* Fast Registration Based on Noisy Planes With Unknown
   Correspondences for 3-D Mapping,
   Pathak, K.  Birk, A.  Vaskevicius, N.  Poppinga, J.
   Page(s): 424 - 441

* Active Stereo Tracking of N <= 3 Targets Using Line Scan Cameras,
   Barreto, J. P.  Perdigoto, L.  Caseiro, R.  Araujo, H.
   Page(s): 442 - 457

* Time Parameterization of Humanoid-Robot Paths,
   Suleiman, W.  Kanehiro, F.  Yoshida, E.  Laumond, J-.P.  Monin, A.
   Page(s): 458 - 468

* Motion Planning With Dynamics by a Synergistic Combination of
   Layers of Planning,
   Plaku, E.  Kavraki, L. E.  Vardi, M. Y.
   Page(s): 469 - 482

* Compliant Control of Multicontact and Center-of-Mass Behaviors in
   Humanoid Robots,
   Sentis, L.  Park, J.  Khatib, O
   Page(s): 483 - 501

* A Probabilistic Particle-Control Approximation of
   Chance-Constrained Stochastic Predictive Control,
   Blackmore, L.  Ono, M.  Bektassov, A.  Williams, B. C.
   Page(s): 502 - 517

* Stochastic Modular Robotic Systems: A Study of Fluidic
   Assembly Strategies,
   Tolley, M. T.  Kalontarov, M.  Neubert, J.  Erickson, D.  Lipson, H.
   Page(s): 518 - 530

* Actively Controlled Manipulation of a Magnetic Microbead Using
   Quadrupole Magnetic Tweezers,
   Zhang, Z.  Huang, Y.  Menq, C.
   Page(s): 531 - 541

* Dynamic Modeling and Control of Biologically Inspired Vortex
   Ring Thrusters for Underwater Robot Locomotion,
   Krieg, M.  Mohseni, K.
   Page(s): 542 - 554

* Intrinsic Wrench Estimation and Its Performance Index for
   Multisegment Continuum Robots,
   Xu, K.  Simaan, N.
   Page(s): 555 - 561

* An Analytical Continuous-Curvature Path-Smoothing Algorithm,
   Yang, K.  Sukkarieh, S.
   Page(s): 561 - 568

* Distributed-Actuation Mechanism for a Finger-Type Manipulator:
   Theory and Experiments,
   Shin, Y. J.  Kim, K-.S.
   Page(s): 569 - 575

* Global Manipulation Planning in Robot Joint Space With Task
   Stilman, M.
   Page(s): 576 - 584

* Optimal Object Configurations to Minimize the Positioning
   Error in Visual Servoing,
   Chesi, G.
   Page(s): 584 - 589

* The Effects of Time Lag on Driving Performance and a Possible
   Davis, J.  Smyth, C.  McDowell, K.
   Page(s): 590 - 593

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