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Takeo Kanade Takeo.Kanade at cs.cmu.edu
Wed Jul 7 16:54:12 PDT 2010

I appreciate if the following posting is made on Robotics-Worldwide. --

Opening for a postdoctoral fellow at the Robotics Institute, Carnegie
Mellon University.  

To better understand the dynamics of human communication, we use
real-time manipulation of human communication during a video-conference.
To extend this effort, we seek a postdoctoral fellow to take charge of
developing a next-generation lab.  Challenges include line-of-sight
viewpoint, higher real-time video resolution, use of auto-stereoscopic
3D displays, detection and modification of specific facial signals,
coordinated gesture, and improved audio manipulation. Candidate fellows
should have 1) solid technical background in computer vision, especially
in the area of human face and body analysis; 2) interest in related
fields of human communication, speech, graphics, and human-computer
interaction; and 3) knowledge, experience, and motivation to build an
actual lab facility. To apply, please send CV, three letters of
recommendation, links to relevant publications, and statement of
interest to 

Professor Takeo Kanade
tk at cs.cmu.edu.

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