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Informal workshop on -Wo-man - Robot Interaction
Invitation and call for papers

-Wo-man-Robot Interaction is seen as an increasingly important enabling technology for the future of robotics, being central for the use of robots in manufacturing, assembly, tele-manipulation, the service sector, vehicles, etc for improved productivity and safety. New and emerging robotics areas such as haptics, exoskeletons, are also fully related to this topic.

Since the human operator interacts with the system, his dynamics have an influence on the whole system behavior. Since the human dynamics are highly uncertain, robust control strategies have to be considered. The conventional strategy is to use passivity results, which guarantee stability without further modeling the operator. These approaches are relatively conservative and can be improved if a better model of the operator is utilized. We then have to take into account uncertainties, and here is why modern robust control shows up!

This workshop is meant to provide an informal forum for leading academic and industrial researchers to freely exchange ideas, problems and recent developments and results. The presented presentations may be informal, tentative or speculative, as well as of publication-ready maturity. The contributions may deal with various aspects of man-robot interaction within the framework of e.g. tele-operation, cobotics, impedance control, robust control, sub-system control, modeling and simulation, and experimental studies. The submitted abstracts and papers will be considered as pre-prints and be accessible on the workshop web site to participants and other interested parties, and will not constitute a formal publication; in other words, the papers may be submitted for publication elsewhere.

The Informal Workshop on -Wo-man-Robot Interaction will be held in Fontenay-aux-Roses, 6 km south of Paris, 13  -  14 September, 2010, in the Interactive Robotics Laboratory on the CEA Campus. Paris is easily accessible with car, bus (no. 195, 295, 394), and RER B train. Paris in September is an ideal city to visit with fewer tourists, glorious but not too hot weather, and all the regular cultural activities starting up after the summer holidays. The weekend preceding the workshop is thus the ideal time for the participants, their families and guests, to fully enjoy all that Paris has to offer.


The Informal Workshop on -Wo-man-Robot Interaction will be held on Monday 13 September  and Tuesday 14 September, 2010, at the Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique (CEA) Interactive Robotics Laboratory in Fontenay-aux-Roses.


If you wish to receive further information about the Workshop, please send your request by e-mail to Mme Anne Goue,  

anne.goue at cea.fr

indicating your interest and providing an electronic address.  Your emailed agreement to participate should reach Mme Goue preferably by end of July, accompanied by an abstract, extended summary, or the full paper.


There is no registration fee.  Coffee breaks and lunches are offered by CEA. A Workshop Dinner will be arranged on September 13. A free visit to the museum of the first French atomic reactor located on the CEA Campus will be arranged, as well as a visit to some of the laboratories.


The participants are encouraged to arrange their own accommodation via the internet, or a travel agency of their choice.


Prospective participants are invited to contact the Chair:

	Dr. Frederic Colledani
	email: Frederic.Colledani at cea.fr 


The Workshop is organized by researchers at CEA,LIST DIASI/Interactive Robotics Laboratory who are interested in man-robot interaction, including Frédéric Colledani (chair), Per-Olof Gutman, Yvan Measson, and Yann Perrot.


The Workshop is sponsored by
GDR-Robotique (Groupe de Recherche - Robotique)
GDR-MACS (Groupe de Recherche - Modélisation, Analyse et Command de Systèmes Dynamiques),
subgroup MOSAR (Méthodes et Outils pour la Synthèse et l'Analyse en Robustesse)


End of July 2010	Submission of Abstracts, Extended Abstracts, and Papers, together with the agreement to participate. The submitted contributions will be made accessible to the participants via the internet prior to the workshop.

13-14 September 2010	Workshop			

Dr. Frédéric Colledani.
Tél : +33(0)
Interactive Robotics Laboratory
Bat 38/1 - pièce 123A
BP6, 18, route du Panorama
92265 Fontenay-aux-Roses Cedex
mailto:frederic.colledani at cea.fr

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