[robotics-worldwide] Senior Computer Scientist position in mobile manipulation

Charlie Ortiz ortiz at AI.SRI.COM
Thu Jul 29 09:27:35 PDT 2010

The SRI International Artificial Intelligence Center (AIC) is seeking a 
Senior Computer Scientist to participate in research on two-armed 
robotic manipulation. The applicant should be well-recognized by the 
research community with an outstanding publication record.

The AIC is one of the world's major centers of research in artificial 
intelligence. Founded in 1966, the AIC has been a pioneer and a major 
contributor to the development of computer capabilities for intelligent 
behavior in complex situations. Its objectives are to understand the 
computational principles underlying intelligence in man and machines and 
to develop methods for building computer-based systems to solve 
problems, to communicate with people, and to perceive and interact with 
the physical world.

Because the AIC is an integral part of a nonprofit research institute, 
it can carry out comprehensive and effective long-term programs. The 
AIC's permanent staff includes one of the largest (approximately 87 
computing professionals) and most highly trained (approximately 53 
percent with a Ph.D. or its equivalent) groups of AI professionals in 
the world. At the same time, the Center provides the stimulation and 
creative exchange of ideas characteristic of an academic setting by 
maintaining associations with universities and other research groups and 
by providing opportunities for students and visiting fellows from the 
United States and abroad to participate in ongoing projects.

Essential Functions:

The successful applicant will conduct state-of-the-art research and 
development in autonomous two-armed mobile manipulation. He or she will 
collaborate closely with a team of other researchers in robotics and 
perception (both at SRI and at several universities) in a multi-year 
program whose goal is to develop and implement novel grasping and 
manipulation algorithms that will support regular and incremental 
demonstrations culminating in a system that far exceeds today’s 

Other Duties:

The successful applicant is expected to naturally develop into a Project 
Leader able to establish and secure funding for robotics research.

Experience and Education Requirements:

PhD in Computer Science or related field and experience in building 
robotic systems. The applicant should have excellent oral and written 
skills, experience in writing research proposals, and comfortable 
working in teams. The applicant should also be very self-motivated and 
require minimal supervision.

For more information send CV to:

Charlie Ortiz
Program Director
Artificial Intelligence Center
SRI International
ortiz at ai.sri.com

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