[robotics-worldwide] Cfp for special session of social-cogntive robotics at 2010 PerMIS workshop in Baltimore

Gary Berg-Cross gbergcross at gmail.com
Wed Jun 9 07:11:58 PDT 2010

People are invited to submit original work and critique on scientific,
technical and philosophical advances in the field of social, development and
cognitive robotics for consideration as part of PerMIS 2010 (Performance
Metrics for Intelligent Systems Workshop )* *sponsored by NIST and others.
General information for PerMIS 2010 is available at
http://www.nist.gov/mel/isd/permis2010.cfm and the CFP is available at

The workshop will be hosted in Baltimore Maryland on *September 28-30 *2010.
PerMIS’10 will emphasize the *key role of performance assessment in
developing intelligent systems that can co-exist with humans* towards
improving the quality of our lives intertwined with automation. Consistent
with this and prior years we would like to develop a special session on
robotic work featuring interactions/communications with humans.

Topics of interest for this special session, within the overall PerMIS theme
include, but are not
limited to:

- Intention recognition and understanding

- Advancements in cognitive sciences basis for socially interactive robots

- Advances in developmental-epigenetic robotics
- Situational awareness, hypothesis generation and expectation

- Embodied view of robotic cognitive development

- Design and measurement philosophies for social robotics

- Application of Robotic Theories of Mind

- Constructionist theories of autonomous increase of robot behavioral
complexity and cognitive development

- Robotic ontologies, knowledge acquisition and representation

- Learning, adaptation and evolution of intelligence
- Ethical issues in Robot-human interaction

 Prior year special sessions, organized by Dr. Gary Berg-Cross, can be read
online (
and have included the following sessions:

   - “Can the Development of Intelligent Robots be Benchmarked? Concepts and
   Issues from Developmental-Epigenetic Robotics”,
   - “Biological Inspiration for Intelligent Systems” and
   - “Is an Agent Theory of Mind (ToM) Valuable for Adaptive, Intelligent

 Prospective authors for the special session are requested to submit an
extended abstract (1-2 pages) for review by the end of June. Papers or
questions can be sent to Dr. Gary Berg-Cross, a member of the Program
Committee, at gbergcross at gmail.com

As in past years a National Science Foundation Poster Session is also being
planned with travel support to undergraduate and graduate students.

Gary Berg-Cross,Ph.D.
Potomac, MD

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