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Bruno Siciliano siciliano at unina.it
Fri Jun 11 08:23:33 PDT 2010

Dear World Roboticists:

This message represents the second newsletter of the DEXMART project 
[ www.dexmart.eu or <http://www.dexmart.org/>www.dexmart.org ], to 
which I would like to draw your attention.


This is the second newsletter relating to DEXMART, a large-scale 
integrating project which is funded under the European Community's 
7th Framework Programme. The project started on February 1, 2008 and 
has a duration of four years. The DEXMART consortium consists of 8 
partners from Italy, Germany, France and Great Britain; please see 

DEXMART has the ambition to fill the gap between the use of robots in 
industrial environments and the use of future robots in everyday 
human and unstructured environments, contributing to reinforce 
European competitiveness in all those domains of personal and service 
robotics where dexterous and autonomous dual-hand manipulation 
capabilities are required.

Research domains

DEXMART is a highly interdisciplinary project, which combines the 
following four research domains:
    * Observation, interpretation, learning and modelling
    * Task planning and coordination
    * Feedback control
    * New robotics technologies
To gain insight into the research activities of DEXMART, please refer 
where you can download a background video and find further 
dissemination materials.

Project objectives

DEXMART will contribute to the development of robotic systems endowed 
with dexterous and human-aware dual-arm/hand manipulation skills for 
objects, operating with a high degree of autonomy in unstructured 
real-world environments. These are the main objectives of the project:
    * allow a dual-arm robot including two multi-fingered redundant 
hands to grasp and manipulate the same objects (different shape, 
dimension and weight) used by human beings;
    * manipulation will take place in unsupervised, robust and 
dependable manner so as to allow the robot to safely cooperate with 
humans for the execution of given tasks;
    * robotic system able to autonomously decide between different 
manipulation options and to learn new action sequences aimed at 
creating a consistent and comprehensive manipulation knowledge base;
    * possible exploitation of high power-to-weight ratio of smart 
materials and structures, aimed at design of new hand components 
(finger, thumb, wrist) and sensors for next generation of dexterous 
robotic hands.

As the DEXMART project strives for the dissemination of its results 
and achievements to the general public and scientific community, its 
partners have participated in large fairs, such as the Hannover Fair 
in April 2010, or conferences, such as CogSys in January 2010, or 
other major science dissemination events such as Futuro Remoto in 
November 2009, over the last two years where they presented and 
demonstrated their work. The partners also make sure to attend as 
many workshops, exhibitions and conferences as possible to raise 
awareness of the project. They attended, for instance, the 
conferences Humanoids 2009, IROS 2009, ICRA 2009 -to just mention a 
few- and will do the same in the future. At the AUTOMATICA trade fair 
2010, the project is presented in a booth with practical 
demonstrations. For further information on the attendance of DEXMART 
partners at fairs and conferences, please see: 

In 2009, an interesting cooperation has been established with two 
other projects funded under ICT Challenge 2: Cognitive Systems, 
Interaction, Robotics, i.e. GRASP and HANDLE. The coordinators of 
these projects met in October 2009 to discuss joint activities. Two 
major outcomes of this meeting were: 1) the organization of a joint 
workshop at the RSS conference in June 2010 and 2) the decision to 
open GRASP's summer school to post-docs and students from DEXMART and HANDLE.

Progress achieved so far

After the first project year, which ended on January 31, 2009, first 
promising results were achieved by the consortium. The second project 
year ended on January 31, 2010 and the project has continued to 
produce encouraging results that serve the project's progress. Please 
for a more detailed description of such progress.

Special highlights, illustrating the work done during the project 
period, can be found under the following links:


Other interesting videos supporting the work of the project and 
featuring the robotic hand in action can be found on the DEXMART 
website under 
i.e. a video about tactile sensors, the above videos about sensory 
environment and the execution of the pour-in activity, as well as the 
"Potato Lifter", the "Beer Robot" and the "Finger Module".

If you are interested in receiving more detailed information, I would 
be happy to answer your questions.

Thanks very much in advance for your kind attention, and all the best 
for the summer.


prof bruno siciliano
ASME fellow, IEEE fellow, IFAC fellow
PRISMA lab, dipartimento di informatica e sistemistica
universita' di napoli federico II
via claudio 21, 80125 napoli, italy
tel +39 081 7683179
fax +39 062 33226128
email siciliano at unina.it
skype bsiciliano

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