[robotics-worldwide] AURO Special Issue: Search and Pursuit/Evasion with Mobile Robots

Volkan Isler isler at cs.umn.edu
Tue Mar 2 16:58:04 PST 2010

Hi everyone,

I am glad to announce upcoming special issue of Autonomous Robots on 
Search and Pursuit/Evasion with Mobile Robots:

The special issue will follow our upcoming workshop at ICRA

Volkan Isler


Special Issue Call for Papers
Search and Pursuit/Evasion with Mobile Robots

In search problems, the objective is to find a target which may be
adversarial or non-adversarial. Pursuit-evasion games are 
non-cooperative games where one or more pursuers try to capture an 
evader who, in turn, tries to avoid capture. Search problems and 
pursuit-evasion games have numerous applications in robotics. The 
primary goal of this special issue is to unify various formulations of 
search and pursuit/evasion problems towards a common theoretical and 
applied framework for autonomous robots. In addition to fundamental 
results in search and pursuit/evasion, papers presenting novel research 
in the emerging areas of search with unmanned ground (UGVs), aerial 
(UAVs), surface (USVs), and underwater (UUVs) vehicles, as well as 
heterogeneous search teams in both outdoor and indoor environments are 
solicited. This special issue follows a workshop at the IEEE 
International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA2010) with a 
similar theme.

With the above motivation in mind, we invite original, high-quality 
research papers in the areas of robotic search and pursuit/evasion. 
Papers addressing one or more of the topics below are of particular 

• Graph search and theoretical foundations
• Geometric approaches to search in polygonal environments
• Adversarial search on discrete and continuous environment
• Game theoretic approaches to coordinated search
• Distributed planning and estimation for multiple searchers
• The role of sensing and perception for search
• Urban search and rescue and emergency response with mobile
• Search with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and/or Unmanned
Underwater Vehicles
• Combining search and target tracking
• Search systems and applications

Paper submission deadline: October 15, 2010
Notification of acceptance: February 11, 2011
Date of Publication: Summer 2011

Guest Editors:
Geoffrey A. Hollinger -- Carnegie Mellon University
Volkan Isler -- University of Minnesota
Timothy H. Chung -- Naval Postgraduate School


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