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The Official International Journal of the Robotics Society of Japan
Advanced Robotics

Volume 24, Number 3, 2010 : Advanced Space Robotics (1)
Volume 24, Number 1-2, 2010 : Regular Issue

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Table of Contents

Vol. 24, No. 3, 2010
Advanced Space Robotics (1)
pp. 299-301(3)
Authors: Kubota, Takashi; Kunii, Yasuharu

Coordinated Control of Space Robot Teams for the On-Orbit
Construction of Large Flexible Space Structures
pp. 303-323(21)
Authors: Boning, Peggy; Dubowsky, Steven

Dynamical Modeling of Cooperating Underactuated Manipulators for
Space Manipulation
pp. 325-341(17)
Authors: Yesiloglu, S.M.; Temeltas, H.

Intra-Vehicular Free-Flyer with Manipulation Capability
pp. 343-358(16)
Authors: Tsumaki, Yuichi; Maeda, Ikumi

Odometry Correction Using Visual Slip Angle Estimation for Planetary
Exploration Rovers
pp. 359-385(27)
Authors: Reina, Giulio; Ishigami, Genya; Nagatani, Keiji; Yoshida,

Simultaneous Control for Position and Vibration of a Planetary Rover
with Flexible Structures
pp. 387-419(33)
Authors: Otsuki, Masatsugu; Mizukami, Noriaki; Kubota, Takashi

Vision-Based Probabilistic Map Estimation with an Inclined Surface
Grid for Rough Terrain Rover Navigation
pp. 421-440(20)
Authors: Saitoh, Teppei; Suzuki, Masataka; Kuroda, Yoji

Time-Optimal Manipulator Control for Management of Angular Momentum
Distribution during the Capture of a Tumbling Target
pp. 441-466(26)
Authors: Oki, Tomohisa; Nakanishi, Hiroki; Yoshida, Kazuya

Vol. 24, No. 1-2, 2010
Regular Issue
Distributed Service-Based Cooperation in Aerial/Ground Robot Teams
Applied to Fire Detection and Extinguishing Missions
pp. 1-23(23)
Authors: Viguria, Antidio; Maza, Ivan; Ollero, Anibal

Integrated Design for Automated Guided Vehicle Systems Using
Cooperative Co-evolution
pp. 25-45(21)
Authors: Chiba, Ryosuke; Arai, Tamio; Ota, Jun

Emotional Feature Extraction Method Based on the Concentration of
Phoneme Influence for Human-Robot Interaction
pp. 47-67(21)
Authors: Hyun, Kyung Hak; Kim, Eun Ho; Kwak, Yoon Keun

A Method for Accurate Map Construction Using Time Registration from a
Moving SOKUIKI Sensor
pp. 69-83(15)
Authors: Kawata, Hirohiko; Ueda, Tatsuro; Tomizawa, Tetsuo; Ohya,
Akihisa; Yuta, Shin'ichi

Design and Implementation of a Novel Outdoor Road-Cleaning Robot
pp. 85-101(17)
Authors: Chang, Ming-Shaung; Chou, Jung-Hua; Wu, Chun-Mu

Multiple Robot Rearrangement Planning Using a Territorial Approach
and an Extended Project Scheduling Problem Solver
pp. 103-122(20)
Authors: Fujii, Norisuke; Inoue, Reiko; Takebe, Yoshihiro; Ota, Jun

Observer-Based Dynamic Control of an Underactuated Hand
pp. 123-137(15)
Authors: Hai, Huang; Li, Jiang; Yong-jie, Pang; Shi-cai, Shi; Qi-rong, 
Tang; Da-peng, Yang; Hong, Liu

Clothes Manipulation by Robot Grippers with Roller Fingertips
pp. 139-158(20)
Authors: Sahari, Khairul Salleh Mohamed; Seki, Hiroaki; Kamiya,
Yoshitsugu; Hikizu, Masatoshi

Inverse Dynamics Analysis of a 4-d.o.f. Parallel Robot H4
pp. 159-177(19)
Authors: Choi, Hee-Byoung; Konno, Atsushi; Uchiyama, Masaru

A Localization Algorithm for Autonomous Mobile Robots via a Fuzzy
Tuned Extended Kalman Filter
pp. 179-206(28)
Authors: Ip, Y.L.; Rad, A.B.; Wong, Y.K.; Liu, Y.; Ren, X.M.

Learning to Walk by Imitation in Low-Dimensional Subspaces
pp. 207-232(26)
Authors: Chalodhorn, Rawichote; Grimes, David B.; Grochow, Keith; Rao, 
Rajesh P.N.

Very High Force Hydraulic McKibben Artificial Muscle with a
p-Phenylene-2,6-benzobisoxazole Cord Sleeve
pp. 233-254(22)
Authors: Mori, Mayuko; Suzumori, Koichi; Takahashi, Masayuki; Hosoya,

Original Design of an Unmanned Ground Vehicle for Exploration in
Rough Terrain
pp. 255-276(22)
Authors: Paillat, Jean-Luc; Lucidarme, Philippe; Hardouin, Laurent

On the Design and Development of a Quadruped Robot Platform
pp. 277-298(22)
Authors: Chung, Jae-Wook; Park, Ill-Woo; Oh, Jun-Ho

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