[robotics-worldwide] CFP: 4th Semantic Robot Vision Challenge 2010

roehrbei roehrbei at informatik.uni-bremen.de
Wed Mar 3 14:32:11 PST 2010

- an event of the 2010 AAAI Robotics Exhibition and Workshop at the  
AAAI 2010 Conference in Atlanta


The Semantic Robot Vision Challenge (SRVC) is a scavenger hunt for  
mobile robots.  The robots are given a list of objects to find and  
they must learn what those objects look like by searching the internet  
(autonomously) for images of those objects, then take snapshots of the  
objects, draw bounding boxes around the objects and label them.

The actual contest is broken into two sections.  First, the robots are  
hooked up to the internet for the image search phase. Afterwards, the  
robot league entries are allowed to explore the environment for the  
objects that they are supposed to find to take snapshots and label  
them. Software-only teams are given a dataset of images to search  
through and label that is collected by the competition organizers.

This year, cash prizes of $2,000 and $1,000 will be offered to the  
winning teams of the robot league and the software-only teams. Also,  
as before, travel scholarships will be provided to participants. In  
exchange, participants will have to share their code as open source  
code. Since these rules were applied in the past three competitions,  
there is enough high quality code available at the SRVC web site to  
allow a new team to perform at a level comparable to winning teams of  
previous years.

We encourage anyone in these research fields to participate and help  
us to advance the state of the art in robotic vision and scene  
understanding. At the end of the competition, we will hold a workshop  
so that the specific technical aspects of each entry can be presented  
and discussed. The competition will be held at the Twenty-Fourth AAAI  
Conference on Artificial Intelligence that will be held at the Westin  
Peachtree Plaza in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, July 11-15, 2010, in the  
context of the Nineteenth Edition of the Robotics Exhibition and  
Workshop at AAAI.


Qualification Material Submission Deadline:  May 30, 2010
Acceptance Notification:                     June 7, 2010
AAAI Conference                              July 11-15, 2010
Competition Date:                            July 14, 2010

See http://www.semantic-robot-vision-challenge.org for more details on  
participation and qualification. If interested, subscribe to our email  
list! Please send an email to Paul Rybski and Daniel DeMenthon if you  
would like to participate.

Organizing committee:

Paul E. Rybski (prybski at cs.cmu.edu), Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Daniel DeMenthon (Daniel.DeMenthon at jhuapl.edu), Johns Hopkins University,
Cornelia Fermuller (fer at umiacs.umd.edu), University of Maryland, USA
Pooyan Fazli (pooyanf at cs.ubc.ca), University of British Columbia, Canada
Ajay Mishra (mishraka at umiacs.umd.edu), University of Maryland, USA
Luis Seabra Lopes (lsl at ua.pt), Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal
Florian Roehrbein (roehrbei at informatik.uni-bremen.de), Universitaet
Bremen, Germany
David Gustafson (dag at ksu.edu), Kansas State University, USA

Dr. Florian Roehrbein
Universitaet Bremen
FB 3 Informatik und Mathematik
Kognitive Neuroinformatik
e-mail: roehrbei at informatik.uni-bremen.de

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