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Special Issue on Space Robotics

Intelligent Service Robotics
Editor-in-Chief: Junku Yuh
ISSN: 1861-2776 (print version)
ISSN: 1861-2784 (electronic version)
Journal no. 11370, Springer

Dear colleague,

You are kindly invited to submit your work to this special issue of the
journal of Intelligent Service Robotics.

Outer space is the ultimate field for the application of robotics technology.
As outer space is a harsh environment with extreme temperatures, 
vacuum, radiation,
gravity, and great distances, human access is very difficult and limited.
In order to assist human activities in such environment, robotic systems play
significant roles on and around spaceships and space modules. 
Moreover, expanding
the horizons of exploration beyond the areas of human access, robots 
that land and
travel on planetary surfaces greatly contribute to our knowledge of 
the solar system.
New challenges are expected in the future.

Space robotics poses a number of research issues in different aspects 
of applications
or mission scenarios, but can be grouped into the following categories: orbital
robotics, planetary robotics, and intelligent human-robot interfaces.
This special issue welcomes high quality papers addressing the issues 
of mathematical
models for unique physics in space robots, hardware and software system design,
control algorithms and specific implementation to cope with unique 
spaceborne problems, development of ground-based test bed and its 
experimental results, and the analysis
of space flight data obtained from a robotic mission.

Specific highlights in intelligent servicing missions and systems are 
most welcome.

Possible Topics:

* Orbital robotics
  - Kinematics and dynamics of free-floating robots
  - Impact/contact dynamics
  - Advanced manipulator control
  - Intelligence for task analysis and planning
  - Multiple robot coordination

* Planetary robotics
  - Comparative design study on surface locomotion
  - Soil mechanics and motion control
  - Sensing, mapping and localization
  - Planning and navigation
  - Novel method for drilling, digging and/or excavation

* Intelligent human-robot interfaces
  - Robotics for human interface assistance and services
  - Tele-operation under transmission time-delay and limited bandwidth
  - Shared-autonomy, Supervisory control
  - AI-based task scheduling and execution
  - Human interface for increased dexterity and safety
  - Space suites for intelligent human assistance or performance augmentation

Deadline for paper submission: March 31, 2010
Paper reviews returned to authors: July. 31, 2010
Final paper ready for publisher: Nov. 12, 2010
Expected journal publication date: Jan 2011

Authors should submit an electronic copy of their paper using 
editorial manager system.
Please indicate the paper is for the special issue on space robots in submission.

On-line Submission:

Guest editor:
Kazuya Yoshida (Tohoku University, Japan)
Email: yoshida at astro.mech.tohoku.ac.jp

See also:

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Tohoku University
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