[robotics-worldwide] ECHORD - 2nd Call for Experiment Proposals

lafrenz at in.tum.de lafrenz at in.tum.de
Tue Mar 16 13:09:03 PDT 2010

Dear colleagues,

The second call for ECHORD experiment proposals is now open.
The deadline is April 30th 2010, 17:00 Brussels time.
More information can be found on our web site

In the context of ECHORD, small-scale technical projects, so-called 
will be conducted, which will use state-of-the art robotic equipment.

To outline the scope of the research work three scenarios have been defined
that represent the expected use of state-of-the-art robot technologies in
the near future: the human robot co-worker scenario, the hyper-flexible 
scenario and the cognitive factory scenario.

This call for experiment proposals targets the second scenario, the 
hyper-flexible cell.
However, proposals focused on the other two scenarios may be submitted.

Best regards,
Alois Knoll
Bruno Siciliano
J. Norberto Pires
Reinhard Lafrenz

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