[robotics-worldwide] ICRA 2010 Workshop on Stochasticity in Robotics and Biological Systems

M. Ani Hsieh mhsieh1 at drexel.edu
Mon Mar 15 12:15:31 PDT 2010

ICRA 2010 Workshop on Stochasticity in Robotics and Biological Systems
May 7, 2010
Anchorage, AK, USA


The goal of this full-day workshop is to bring together leading
researchers in the various areas of robotics to address the role of
stochasticity in natural and artificial systems and establish a
scientific and disciplinary foundation for robotics. Stochasticity has
been central to numerous robotics problems: state and parameter
estimation from noisy data, decision-making based on partial or
incomplete information, and modeling of dynamic and unpredictable
environments. In biology, there are many examples of systems composed
of a multitude of stochastically interacting components whose
collective behavior are cohesive, robust, and even versatile. In fact,
recent advances in systems biology have shown that the stochastic
nature of cellular behaviors and molecular dynamics is crucial to
understanding their collective behaviors and regulatory mechanisms.
Researchers in swarm robotics and other areas are taking inspiration
from such examples in nature and developing new stochastic modeling,
analysis, and design techniques. This workshop seeks to continue the
exploration of emerging theories and methodologies that utilize
stochasticity for various robotic applications. The objective is to
bring together researchers from the different branches in robotics and
develop new techniques to leverage stochasticity for the development
of more robust and adaptable robotic systems, thus charting new
directions for robotics research. The overarching aim of this workshop
is to identify and explore common themes in the areas of robotics,
cellular and evolutionary biology, neuroscience, and control and put
into perspective the diverse research activities that address
stochasticity in natural and artificial systems.

Harry Asada, MIT
Greg Chirikjian, Johns Hopkins University
Emilio Frazzoli, MIT
Stergios Roumeliotis, Univeristy of Minnesota
Russell Tedrake, MIT
Vijay Kumar, University of Pennsylvania
Metin Sitti, Carnegie Mellon University
Eric Klavins, University of Washington
Dejan Milutinovic, University of California, Santa Cruz
Alcherio Martinoli, EPFL
Ani Hsieh, Drexel University

Harry Asada, MIT
Greg Chirikjian, Johns Hopkins University
Ani Hsieh, Drexel University

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