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Nathan Sturtevant nathanst at cs.ualberta.ca
Mon Mar 15 15:35:38 PDT 2010

My apologies if you receive multiple copies of this call. The submission deadline is just 2 weeks away.




The Third International Symposium on Combinatorial Search (SoCS-2010)

Heuristic search and other forms of combinatorial search are currently
very active areas of research in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics,
Planning and other areas of Computer Science.

The International Symposium on Combinatorial Search (SoCS) is meant to
bring researchers in such areas together to exchange their ideas and
cross-fertilize the field.

SoCS is targeting researchers and submissions in all fields that use
combinatorial search, including artificial intelligence, planning,
robotics, constraint programming, operations research and

* Analysis of search algorithms
* Automated synthesis of lower bounds
* Bounding and pruning techniques
* Continuous problem solving
* External-memory and parallel search
* Incremental and active learning in search
* Meta-reasoning and search
* Methodology and critiques of current practice
* Model-based search
* Meta-reasoning and search
* Random vs. systematic search strategy selection
* Pattern databases
* Portfolios of search algorithms
* Real-time search
* Search focus in goal-directed problem solving
* Search space discretization for continuous state-space problems
* Self-configuring and self-tuning algorithms
* Symmetry handling
* Time, memory, and solution quality trade-offs


Recently, search techniques and heuristics have been effectively
applied to classic planning problems. SoCS-2010 will include a special
session covering search in planning. We invite all researchers who
use search in planning to participate and/or submit their work to
SoCS-2010. In particular, we are interested in position papers covering the
relationship between these fields.


We encourage researchers and attendees of SoCS to submit papers to the
symposium. Submissions should be in AAAI format and up to 8 pages
long.  Submissions should report on substantial, original and new

We also encourage submissions of position papers which are intended
for the discussion of ideas and concepts related to search. Examples
would be thoughtful critiques of the field, historical perspectives
and analysis, methodological contributions, insightful reports on new
and demanding applications, and papers related to the challenge area
of this years conference.

Submissions will be carefully peer-reviewed by multiple reviewers.

SoCS papers should be submitted to:



In order to foster the exchange of ideas at SoCS, we encourage authors
to submit papers describing new research which has been accepted to
other venues. Authors should clearly indicate where a paper has been
or will be published. Such papers will undergo a light reviewing
process in order to ensure that they are of interest to the SoCS
community. Authors will later need to submit a two-page abstract
describing the work for inclusion in the proceedings by the
camera-ready deadline.


New this year: SoCS will have a formal archival proceedings. However,
authors of accepted papers (who submitted up to eight-page papers) can
choose one of the two following publication options.

* A full paper. Up to eight pages will be allocated in the proceedings for
  such papers. Papers that will appear as full papers in the formal
  SoCS proceedings cannot be published elsewhere.

* Abstract only. Authors may choose to only include an abstract of
  their work in the formal archival proceedings. Up to two pages will
  be allocated in the proceedings for abstract papers. Full versions of
  such papers with significantly more material than the SoCS abstract
  are generally publishable in other venues.  Similarly, a paper that
  was accepted/published elsewhere is welcomed as regular, full-paper
  submission to SoCS but may only appear as an abstract in the formal
  archival proceedings.

Position papers and papers published in other venues should be clearly
labelled so as to ensure proper reviewing.

The decision whether to have a full version in the proceedings or only
an abstract may be made by the authors near the date when the
camera-ready version is needed.


SoCS is a student friendly event; we strongly encourage students to
attend. In addition, we hope that we will be able to help students
with funding for their trip to SoCS. SoCS 2010 will have a special
session, called the student introduction session. In this session,
each student will have a few minutes to introduce himself/herself and
his research interests and achievements to the entire community. We
strongly encourage all students who are attending SOCS to actively
participate in this event. More information on how to register to this
event can be found in the SoCS student page.


SoCS will be co-located with AAAI-2010 and will take place at the
Stone Mountain Resort, Atlanta, Georgia beginning with an evening
banquet on Thursday, July 8 and finishing on the afternoon of
Saturday, July 10, 2010.

Important dates:
Submission:   April 2, 2010
Notification: May 5, 2010
Camera ready: June 18, 2010
SoCS:         July 8-10, 2010

SoCS web site: http://socs10.search-conference.org/

SoCS-2010 chairs:
Nathan Sturtevant, University of Alberta, Canada. nathanst at cs.ualberta.ca
Ariel Felner,      Ben-Gurion University, Israel.        felner at bgu.ac.il

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