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jeff trinkle trink at cs.rpi.edu
Fri Mar 26 17:35:36 PDT 2010

Dear Colleague,

There will be TWO grasping workshops back-to-back at RSS!
Grasp Acquisition: How to Realize Good Grasps
Full-Day Workshop, 27 June.
Organizers:  Jeff Trinkle (RPI), Patrick van der Smagt (DLR), Thomas
Wimboeck (DLR)
Representations for Object Grasping and Manipulation in Single- and
Dual-Arm Tasks
Half-Day Workshop, 28 June
Organizers:  Danica Kragic (RIT/KTH), Bruno Siciliano (U Napoli),
Véronique Perdereau (U Marie Curie)

DETAILED INFORMATION ABOUT: Grasp Acquisition: How to Realize Good Grasps:
Patrick van der Smagt, Jeff Trinkle, and Thomas Wimboeck cordially
invite you to join us in a provocative and informative discussion of
the state of the art of a wide variety of topics fundamental to
robotic grasping.

The overall goal of our workshop is to generate new thinking about
grasping and plausible new approaches to the problems confronting
grasping researchers and users of robot hands.  We hope to do this
through an unusual workshop format that focuses on audience
interaction with us and the speakers.   Each speaker will have a
45-minute time slot, but in advance of the workshop, the organizers
will compile a list of questions, comments, and answers to some
difficult and deep questions.  This compilation will be used by the
"Interjectors" of each session to -interrupt- the speaker if the
audience doesn't do it first.  The Interjector's role is to pull the
speaker away from a scripted presentation to comment on questions of
particular interest to the audience.   We have selected speakers with
a wide range of expertise and experience in problems relating to
grasping and we have asked them to prepare only 22.5 minutes worth of
talk material.  The speakers and organizers agreed to this explicitly
because we want the audience to drive the discussion as much as

To build up the interjection material and get everyone in an
argumentative mood, we will do several things:
(1) the organizers will send a question-of-the-week (from the list
here: http://www.grssp.org/our-questions/) to a mailing list to which
you can subscribe.  All responses should be entered into our workshop
blog at http://www.grssp.org.
(2) the speakers will provide their slides in advance of RSS, so that
you can prepare your own questions and comments for the blog or your
own use
(3) feedback from the blog will be given to the speakers with specific
requests to be prepared for certain questions.

We sincerely hope you will join us and contribute your energy and
enthusiasm to the workshop in the spirit of progress and collegiality.

Patrick van der Smagt
Jeff Trinkle
Thomas Wimboeck

P.S. Just remember, ...  grssp.org

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