[robotics-worldwide] MED'10 Tutorial: Practical Machine Vision for Robotics

Anuj Sehgal anuj at iurs.org
Mon Mar 29 02:48:02 PDT 2010

Call for Participation:

--- Tutorial: A Practical Approach to Machine Vision for Robot Control ---

18th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation (MED'10)
June 22, 2010 - Marrakech, Morocco

Registration: http://www.med10.org
Contact: Daniel Cernea (cernea at cs.uni-kl.de), Anuj Sehgal (anuj at iurs.org)

Full details: http://www.iurs.org/tutorial/med10/rr.pdf

- Abstract -

Machine vision finds applications in many domains from medicine,
archaeology, oceanography to robotics. Developing image processing
algorithms and then coding them using complex software libraries like
OpenCV can be a daunting task for many researchers, especially if
results are desired quickly; software like Matlab aren't apt as their
real-time performance is poor and the flexibility to integrate these
into robot control is not high. This tutorial aims to provide
participants with an overview of machine vision and its many

Participants will have the opportunity to get an overview of
algorithms from image processing, which can be used to develop control
systems for robots. Following this, they will be introduced to
RoboRealm, a powerful vision software application that allows for
rapid development of machine vision systems with little to no
programming required. They will also implement practical exercises by
means of RoboRealm, for developing their own algorithms and
integrating them to robot control systems. Programming more complex
systems using a language of the users' choice, while harnessing the
flexibility of RoboRealm, will also be covered in the tutorial.

Full details: http://www.iurs.org/tutorial/med10/rr.pdf

- Theoretical Topics -

* Introduction to Computer Vision
* Important Methods and Approaches

- Practical Exercises -

* Interacting with RoboRealm
* Developing Machine Vision Applications
* Designing Advanced Applications

- Imporant Note -

All software necessary to complete the practical exercises will be
provided on the handout CD to attendees. Due to the programming based
nature of practical exercises, the attendees are requested to bring
laptops. Familiarity with programming in C, C++ or C# is required to
complete the exercises.

- Registration -

80 Euros including CD of presentations, software and coffee break.

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