[robotics-worldwide] CFP: RSS 2010 Workshop on Strategies and Evaluation for Mobile Manipulation in Household Environments

Mario Prats mprats at icc.uji.es
Wed Mar 31 05:00:07 PDT 2010


RSS 2010 Workshop: Strategies and Evaluation for Mobile Manipulation in Household Environments

When: Sunday, 27 June 2010, 9.00am - 5.30pm

Where: Robotics: Science and Systems (RSS) 2010, Universidad de Zaragoza, Zaragoza, Spain.

Website: http://www.willowgarage.com/workshops/2010/rss

Submission deadline: 8 May 2010

Robot manipulation in household environments is an important challenge. Recently, researchers have experimented with mobile manipulation solutions to this problem. However, research on mobile manipulation in this new setting is still in its very early stages. The lack of accurate environment modeling and the uncertainty inherent to sensing technology avoid the direct application of approaches that have been classically adopted in more structured scenarios. Novel strategies to autonomous mobile manipulation and methods for its evaluation are strongly needed.
In this full-day workshop we will analyze new strategies for addressing the mobile manipulation challenge in household settings. These include: novel methods for advanced semantic perception in cluttered environments, sensor-based control including the robot-environment dynamics, task-oriented planning algorithms, and human-robot cooperative manipulation. Special emphasis will be placed on integration of these strategies into real systems. Participants will be encouraged to evaluate their methods in real environments and share their conclusions with the rest of participants during the workshop, thus enabling fruitful discussion of potential future strategies for autonomous mobile manipulation and the research required.

This workshop is the 6th installment in a series of manipulation-centered workshops at RSS. Previous RSS workshops were:
 * 2005: Humanoid Manipulation
 * 2006: Manipulation for Human Environments
 * 2007: Robot Manipulation: Sensing and Adapting to the Real World
 * 2008: Robot Manipulation: Intelligence in Human Environments
 * 2009: Mobile Manipulation in Human Environments

This workshop is also part of a broader movement of multiple communities toward mobile manipulation as a key interdisciplinary research topic. The proposers and program committee were involved in other mobile manipulation meetings including the IJCAI 2009 Mobile Manipulation Challenge, the IROS 2009 Workshop on Semantic Perception for Mobile Manipulation, and the Mobile Manipulation Challenge at ICRA 2010. 


We solicit high quality paper submissions, optionally accompanied by a video, both of which will be reviewed (not double-blind) by the program committee. The review criteria will be: technical quality, significance of system demonstration, and topicality. We aim to accept 9-12 papers for oral presentation at the meeting. We will also accept poster and video presentations to be given during an afternoon session that would be open to the public. 

Accepted papers and videos will be assembled into proceedings and distributed in CD format at the workshop; they will also be archived at the Internet Archive. If there is sufficient interest, we will pursue publication of a special journal issue to include the best papers.

Topics of interest include:

 * Novel strategies to autonomous mobile manipulation and its evaluation
 * Integrated systems that can perform everyday tasks
 * Integration of planning and control for complex manipulation tasks
 * Safety and interaction with humans
 * Task representation and planning for multi-step manipulation tasks
 * Learning common manipulation capabilities
 * Mobile manipulation with uncertain information
 * Object recognition and pose estimation
 * Semantic scene interpretation
 * Affordance identification and grasp planning
 * Robust manipulation and grasping based on multiple sensors.

Papers should be in PDF format, conform to the RSS requirements, and be maximum of 8 pages in length (shorter papers are welcome). Videos should be in the MPEG format, 3-5 minutes in length, and easily viewed with free video players (please try playing your video on a couple of different machines before submitting).

Email submissions to: rss10mm at uji.es. Please do not attach video files to email; include a URL instead.

Important Dates:

* 8 May 2010: Submissions due
* 22 May 2010: Notification of acceptance
* 5 June 2010: Final papers due
* 27 June 2010: Workshop


 * Antonio Morales, Jaume-I University
 * Mario Prats, Jaume-I University
 * Siddhartha Srinivasa, Intel Labs Pittsburgh/Carnegie Mellon University
 * Radu Bogdan Rusu, Willow Garage

Program Committee:

 * Angel P. del Pobil, Jaume-I University, Spain
 * Brian Gerkey, Willow Garage, USA
 * Charlie Kemp, Georgia Tech, USA
 * Danica Kragic, KTH, Sweden
 * Dmitry Berenson, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
 * Giorgio Metta, University of Genova/IIT, Italy
 * Henrik Christensen, Georgia Tech, USA
 * Ioan Sucan, Rice University, USA
 * Jivko Sinapov, Iowa State University, USA
 * Kaijen Hsiao, Willow Garage, USA
 * Kei Okada, University of Tokyo, Japan
 * Matei Ciocarlie, Willow Garage, USA
 * Nathan Ratliff, TTI
 * Robert Platt, MIT, USA
 * Rosen Diankov, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
 * Sachin Chitta, Willow Garage, USA
 * Sami Haddadin, DLR, Germany
 * Tamim Asfour, Karlsruhe University, Germany

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