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C A L L   F O R   P A P E R S

International Journal of Humanoid Robotics (IJHR)

Special Issue on Advances on Humanoid Robot Body-ware

Design and Development



Nikos Tsagarakis, Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), Genoa, Italy
Gordon Cheng, Technical University Munich (TUM), Munich, Germany 

Fethi Ben Ouezdou, LISV, Versailles, France


Important days and Special Issue schedule: 


Manuscript Due: July 1, 2010
Notification: September 1, 2010 
Final manuscript due: October 1, 2010
Publication: Early 2011 



Special Issue Synopsis:


The creation of humanoid systems which can match the motion, safety,
energy efficiency and power autonomy performance of the human being has
been the inspiration of the robotic community for many years. The
anthropomorphic design, the natural and adaptive locomotion and the
human like behaviour and performance are some of the features/challenges
that have driven the mechatronic developments of these systems.  Despite
of the growing number of humanoid systems there is still a significant
gap between the current physical capacities and performances of the most
advanced humanoid robot body and humans. These physical capabilities are
directly related to both the core hardware components technologies such
as actuation, sensing, material and structures and the solutions adopted
at the mechanism level. Recent advances in all these component
technologies have provided a solid foundation for the development of
sophisticated humanoid body-ware components leading to new advanced
humanoid platforms with improved physical performance.


This special issue will address the latest advances, related works and
future research directions in the field of humanoid robot body-ware
design and development. Papers for this special issue will be focused on
the following main topics:


Mechatronic developments of humanoid robots including implementations


- Full body platforms

- Upper body assemblies (Arm, hand and Head)

- Lower body systems (Legs and foot mechanisms)


Contributions in the above areas are expected to highlight novelties in
one or more of the following core humanoid body ware component


- Body Mechanisms and structures

- Actuation and sensing system

- Materials 

- Power autonomy



Submission Guidelines: 


Authors should follow the guideline of International Journal of Humanoid
Robotics (IJHR) format described at 

<http://www.worldscinet.com/ijhr/mkt/guidelines.shtml> . 


Prospective authors should submit an electronic copy of their complete
manuscripts through the on-line submission system at
<http://www.editorialmanager.com/ijhr/default.asp?pg=login.asp>  with
the note "This paper is submitted to the Special Issue on Advances on
Humanoid Robot Body-ware Design and Development". In addition, please
send a submission confirmation Email to Dr. Nikos Tsagarakis
(nikos.tsagarakis at iit.it <mailto:nikos.tsagarakis at iit.it> ), Prof.
Cordon Cheng (Gordon at tum.de <mailto:Gordon at tum.de> ) and Prof. Fethi Ben
Ouezdou (ouezdou at lisv.uvsq.fr <mailto:ouezdou at lisv.uvsq.fr> ).


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