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News: Deadline extended to May 16




Held in conjunction with ECAI 2010 in Lisbon, Portugal on August 16, 2010

Submission deadline: May 16, 2010 (extended!)





Learning is essential for an autonomous robot system.  The range of
unexpected situations it can handle while performing its task depends on
its ability to adapt. Recent developments have taken autonomous robots
beyond industrial settings, for example at home as toys and cleaners.

However, production models usually interact with their environment
following a fixed control strategy, which limits their range of
application. More adaptable robots require control strategies that learn
more and better from interactions with their environment.  The ERLARS
workshop addresses the challenge to develop efficient and versatile
learning architectures for autonomous robot systems, with the main focus
on adequate evolutionary and reinforcement learning algorithms.

Relevant Topics

Papers are invited on all aspects of learning methods for the control of
autonomous robot systems, including, but not limited to:

 * Model-free visual servoing
 * Mobile robot navigation by means of reinforcement learning
 * Combining offline- and online learning methods for robot control
 * Reinforcement learning by evolutionary algorithms of neural
   network-based and other robot controllers
 * Hybrid systems that combine modelling and parameter estimation by
   reinforcement learning 
 * Learning from scratch and cascaded learning architectures
 * Developmental and epigenetic robotics
 * Balancing exploration and exploitation of acquired knowledge
 * Simulated environments for autonomous robot learning scenarios

Important Dates

 * May 7 2010: Paper submissions due
 * June 7 2010: Notification of paper acceptance
 * June 24 2010: Camera ready paper submission
 * August 16 or 17 2010 (TBA): Workshop takes place

Springer book chapter

Selected ERLARS 2010 articles will appear in an edited book in the Springer
Studies in Computational Intelligence series.  Please see the call for papers
on our website for details (http://www.erlars.org/2010/call_for_papers.php). 

Workshop Chairs

Nils T Siebel
Building Automation Lab, Department of Engineering 1,
HTW University of Applied Sciences Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Josef Pauli
Intelligent Systems Group, Department of Computer Science,
University of Duisburg-Essen Duisburg, Germany

Yohannes Kassahun
Research Group Robotics, Robotics Innovation Center,
University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany

Programme Committee

Andrew Barto (University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA)
Peter Dürr (EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland)
Christian Igel (Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany)
Takanori Koga (Yamaguchi University, Japan)
Tim Kovacs (University of Bristol, UK)
Jun Ota (University of Tokyo, Japan)
Jan Peters (MPI for Biological Cybernetics, Tübingen, Germany)
Daniel Polani (University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, UK)
Marcello Restelli (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)
Stefan Schiffer (RWTH Aachen University, Germany)
Juergen Schmidhuber (Swiss AI Lab IDSIA, Lugano, Switzerland)
Marc Toussaint (TU Berlin, Germany)
Jeremy Wyatt (University of Birmingham, UK)


More information on the workshop website: http://www.erlars.org/2010/


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