[robotics-worldwide] Cost effective and vertsatil Humanoid Robot for researchers

Eduardo Bayro edb at gdl.cinvestav.mx
Tue May 11 16:31:16 PDT 2010

Dear Roboticists,

Robai-Energid together with CINVESTAV Guadalajara  (Prof. Eduardo 
Bayro-Corrochano) have developed a cost effective  robot humanoid for 
basic research. It is 102 cm tall and has 34 DOF,  1 hour autonomy and 2 
powerful CPUs.

This is an open architecture to develop algorithms of cognitive 
robotics, nonlinear control, neurocomputing, learning, computer vision, 
walking, climbing stairs and reproduce human like behavior. The robot 
features many characteristics of well known robots at very convenient 
price. In price and characteristics: NAO is a lower bound and ASIMO is a 
higher bound. With less than 7% of the price of ASIMO you get almost all 
characteristics of ASIMO and even some which ASIMO does not have. We 
will build a community around this humanoid to develop algorithms and 
programs to share and make the robot extreme competitive.

Since the robot is modular, you can order a 4 DOF binocular head, or a 
head and a torso with 1 arm and a 4 DOF hand. Or head, torso and two arm 
or the complete robot.

According your financial possibilities you can buy modules of the 
humanoid and  upgrade to the full robot all at very convenient prices.

The humanoid can be ordered from Robai-Energid _http://www.energid.com_

Contact Persons: Dr. Neil Tardella,  e-mail:  nmt.energid at gmail.com
or  Dr. James English, e-mail: jde at energid.com

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