[robotics-worldwide] Research Opportunities in Intelligent Sensors

Ricardo Gutierrez-Osuna rgutier at cse.tamu.edu
Fri May 14 06:28:54 PDT 2010

We are looking for two PhD students to pursue research in active
perception using tunable chemical sensors. The work involves developing
probabilistic methods to adapt the sensors' tuning parameters
on-the-fly, as the sensors interact with their environments. Active
sensing strategies will be implemented on a number of tunable sensor
platforms, including metal-oxide chemoresistors, infrared spectrometers,
and thermal preconcentrators. 

The ideal candidate will combine strong background in machine learning
(e.g., statistical pattern recognition, graphical models, reinforcement
learning) and experience with instrumentation (e.g., PCB design,
sensor/actuator interfacing, embedded systems). Familiarity with
analytical chemistry is a plus. Inquiries should be directed to Prof.
Gutierrez-Osuna at rgutier at cse.tamu.edu. Applications are being accepted
for 2010-2011.  Additional information about the position and ongoing
research activities are available at http://research.cs.tamu.edu/prism 

Ricardo Gutierrez-Osuna
Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Texas A&M University

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