[robotics-worldwide] Finally a humanoid robot accessible to low budget research programs

Eduardo Bayro edb at gdl.cinvestav.mx
Fri May 14 07:09:05 PDT 2010

Researchers were looking since 10 years or more for a robot humanoid 
which is cost effective and versatil. Many researchers tried to 
establish cooperation   with groups in Japan,  Korea or Italy and they 
failed because the prices of these humanoids (HRPs, ASIMO, HUBOs, 
WABIANs, I-Cube, ...) range form 300,000 Euros to  1,200,000 Euros. To 
build in their workshops a humanoid is a very complex and difficult 
task. Due to  this state of affairs, we took the initiative to develop  
an open archirtecture which offers the most important characteristics 
for research but at a reasonable price. Furthermore we though in  a 
modular  robot which can be upgraded according to the budgent of the 
resarcher. This endevour will promote the advance of research in 
humanoid robotics, because due to our effort, we are  offering to a vast 
majority of the community a cheap robot humanoid,  not a toy but a 
serious machine for research.

We have the honor to announce our    robot humanoid for basic research. 
It is 102 cm tall and has 34 DOF,  1 hour autonomy and 2 powerful CPUs. 
This robot humanoid is
designed by Energid in collaboration with CINVESTAV (Unidad 
Guadalajara). By now  we have  a humanoid torso with two hands, a waist, 
and independently directed camera eyes with vergence.  With two 4 DOF 
three-fingered hands, it can lift 400 grams in cooperative actions.  The 
legs are being built and we will offer to the customers very soon. The 
company which sells the robot is ROBAI,  please  for  contact see:


Technical Details:

With two additional degrees of freedom at the waist, the torso has
the property of redundancy and  bifurcation which enables placement of
either hand at a desired  position and orientation within its workspace
in an unlimited number of  ways. Combined with Energid's*Actin-SE  <http://robai.com/php/showContent.php?linkid=5>*, it can exploit both
redundancy and bifurcation while optimizing other criteria.

Mechanical Structure: 24 DOF including two four-DOF grippers, two 
five-DOF arms, a four-DOF head, and a two-DOF waist. All arm axes can be 
controlled simultaneously.


Axes Range

    * Shoulder base 300 degrees
    * Shoulder Pitch 180 degrees
    * Shoulder Yaw 300 degrees
    * Elbow Pitch 100 degrees
    * Wrist Roll 180 degrees
    * Wrist Yaw 180 degrees
    * Wrist Pitch 180 degrees

*Other Specifications *

    * Rated Payload: 400 g
    * Rated hand speed: 0.4 m/s
    * Joint speed: 75 rpm
    * Reach 120 cm
    * Repeatability: 0.1 cm
    * Interface: USB

The torso comes with Energid's *Actin-SE 
<http://robai.com/php/showContent.php?linkid=5>* visualization, 
reasoning, and control software allowing it to perform advanced control 
by exploiting its many degrees of freedom. With available networking 
software, it can be controlled remotely through a local area network or 
over the Internet.

Best regards

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