[robotics-worldwide] Announcement and participation to the Seventh IARP Workshop on Technical Challenges for Dependable Robots in Human Environments, June 16-17, 2010 Toulouse, France

Felix Ingrand felix at laas.fr
Wed May 19 03:00:06 PDT 2010

Dear colleagues, 

Please, find bellow the program for the Seventh IARP Workshop on Technical Challenges for Dependable Robots in Human Environments

Technically co-sponsored by IEEE/RAS
June 16-17, 2010
Toulouse, France

*** http://www.laas.fr/DRHE2010 ***

For those of you interested in participating to this WS please contact felix at laas.fr 

Preliminary Program (still subject to changes)

16th June 2010

9:00 Welcome and Introduction: Raja Chatila/Félix Ingrand

9:30 Session: Risk and Safety Assessment
Experience with a Model-based Safety Assessment Process for Autonomous Service Robot
Damien Martin-Guillerez, Jérémie Guiochet and David Powell

10:00 A Method for learning a Fault Detection Model from Component Communication Data in Robotic Systems
Raphael Golombek, Sebastian Wrede, Marc Hanheide, and Martin Heckmann

10:20 On Risk Formalization of On-line Risk Assessment for Safe Decision Making in Robotics
Philipp Ertle, Holger Voos

10:40 Pause 

11:00 Session: Projects, labs and perspectives
NEDO Project for practical applications of service robots
Yoji Yamada, Hirohisa Hirukawa
11:30 Improving the Reliable Operations of Ground Robotics: Research Activities at the Ground Robotics Reliability Center
Dawn M. Tilbury and A. G. Ulsoy
12:00 Dependable Robots and the Homo Cyber-Sapiens:
Ursula Deplazes

12:20 Lunch Buffet 

1:35 Session: Architectures and Methods
A Verifiable and Correct by Construction Controller for Robots in Human Environment
Saddek Bensalem, Lavindra de Silva, Matthieu Gallien, FŽlix Ingrand, Rongjie Yan

2:15 Model Based Safety Analysis for an Unmanned Aerial System
Jean-Charles Chaudemar, Eric Bensana, and Christel Seguin

2:45 Safety Control Architecture for Personal Robots: Behavioural suppression for deliberative control
Roger Woodman, Alan Winfield, Chris Harper, Mike Fraser

3:05 Pause 

3:25 Session: Compliance and Control
The Role of Compliance in Robot Safety
M. Van Damme, P. Beyl, B. Vanderborght, R. Van Ham, I. Vanderniepen, A. Matthys, P. Cherelle, D. Lefeber

3:45 Force Control for Enhancing Dependability of a Robot for Wrist Rehabilitation: Coping with Intrinsic Constraints of Neural Origin
Nevio Luigi Tagliamonte, Maria Scorcia, Domenico Formica, Domenico Campolo, Eugenio Guglielmelli

4:05 An Intrinsically Safe Actuator with the Ability to Adjust the Stiffness
Amir Jafari, Nikos G. Tsagarakis, Bram Vanderborght and Darwin G. Caldwell

4:25 Passive Assistive Systems for Dependable Walking
Kazuhiro Kosuge, Yasuhisa Hirata

4:45 Online Trajectory Plan for Humanoid Space Climbing Robot
Hui Li, Zhihong Jiang, Yu He, Qiang Huang

5:05 Round table (Moderator Oussama Khatib)

17th June 2010 

9:30 Session: Robust Action Planning
Validating timeline-based plans for robots: current results
Amedeo Cesta, Alberto Finzi, Simone Fratini, Andrea Orlandini, Enrico Tronci
10:10 Self-Maintenance for Autonomous Robots controlled by ReadyLog
Stefan Schiffer, Andreas Wortmann, Gerhard Lakemeyer

10:30 Session: Medical Robotic
A Bio-robotic System for Human Musculoskeletal Diagnostics
William R. Hamel, Andrzej Nycz, and Matthew Young
10:50 Intuitive Graphic Interface for Assisted Teleoperation in Surgical Applications
A. Casals, M. Frigola and J. Amat

11:10 Pause 

11:30 Session: Robotic Industry and Dependability
Software Development for Robot Grand Challenge Contest
Mun-Taek Choi, Sangseok Yun, and Munsang Kim,
11:50 Safety aspects in Cybercars design and application
J. Canou, V. DupourquŽ
12:10 Astronaut follow-on navigation in a large planetary exploration and service
A.Medina, L.Mollinedo, C.Pradalier, G.Paar, E.Pensavalle, F.Didot, P.Schoonejans

12:30 Round table

12:50 Lunch Buffet 

2:00 Session: Robust Perception
Towards Dependable Perception: Guaranteed Inference for Global Localization
Anna Petrovskaya, Sebastian Thrun, Daphne Koller, and Oussama Khatib
2:30 Sensor Data Consistency Monitoring for the Prevention of Perceptual Failures in Outdoor Robotics
Thierry Peynot, James Underwood and Abdallah Kassir

3:00 Pause 

3:20 Session: Human Robot Interaction
Planning safe and legible hand-over motions for human-robot interaction
J. Mainprice, A. Sisbot, T. SimŽon, R. Alami
4:00 Towards Safe Interactions with a Sturdy Humanoid Robot
Ester Mar?õnez and Angel P. del Pobil
4:20 Toward Dependable Multi-User Haptic Collaboration over the Internet
Dongjun Lee, Ke Huang and Tian Qiu
4:40 Heterogeneous Sharing Control for Dependable Robots in Human Environments
Ning Xi

5:00 Final Panel (panelists to be confirmed)

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