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Andreas Birk a.birk at jacobs-university.de
Thu May 20 06:13:10 PDT 2010


Cognitive Systems and Processes (COSYP)

Integrated PhD Program
at Jacobs University Bremen, Germany


The Cognitive Systems and Processes (COSYP) graduate program addresses 
the fundamental question of which processes form natural cognition and 
how they can be transformed into artificial systems. The program is 
strongly interdisciplinary, offering a research-oriented education by 
faculty from

  - Computer Science, especially robotics, automation, and machine learning
  - Psychology, especially cognitive and social psychology
  - Neuroscience, especially computational neuroscience and neurobiology

COSYP is an integrated PhD program, i.e., both students with a Master or 
a Bachelor degree may apply. Students who have an M.Sc. engage in 3 
years of regular PhD studies. Students with a B.Sc. first do a 
qualification phase - typically for 2 years - where they take a set of 
courses - which is chosen together with their supervisors according to 
the student's interests and research plans - while already engaging in 
research. The option to obtain a Master exists. Courses, especially for 
students holding a B.Sc., start on September 1st.

The deadline for applications for the coming academic year is June 15, 2010.

The program is strongly interdisciplinary and research oriented. 
Applications have to include a motivational letter describing academic 
interests and research plans that should be related to ongoing 
activities of the COSYP faculty. Candidates who intend to engage in 
interdisciplinary activities will be given high priority.

Further information about the COSYP Research Center, the involved 
faculty, and possible course options can be found at 

Applications have to be submitted via the Jacobs University admission 
webpage: <http://www.jacobs-university.de/graduate-admission>

Prof. Dr. Andreas Birk
Jacobs University

School of Engineering and Science
Research 1, Campus Ring 12, 28759 Bremen, Germany


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