[robotics-worldwide] PhD position in vision for nanomanipulation- november 2010

Nadine PIAT Nadine.Piat at ens2m.fr
Fri May 21 03:42:12 PDT 2010

Dear moderator

I made a mistake in the previous mail .
Please, can you send this PhD position in vision for nanomanipulation

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Nadine Piat

Dear All

PhD in Vision and visual servoings for Nano Manipulation

University of Franche-Comté – Besançon - France
FEMTO-ST Institute, Dept AS2M
Staring date: November 2010

DURATION: 36 months

Email : nadine.piat at ens2m.fr , Tél : 33 (0)3 81 40 27 93
Web : 

SCIENTIFIC CONTEXT: This PhD position is offered in the context of the 
researches of the SAMMI group in the department AS2M of FEMTO-ST. The 
research works concern the design and development of automated 
micromanipulation and micro-assembly platforms. The vision Team in the 
SAMMI group works since several years on microvision and visual 
servoings for the manipulation and assembly of MEMS 
(/Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems/).

The PhD is in the continuity of these works with an orientation to the 
manipulation of components with a size < 10µm. At this scale, optical 
microscopy is not enough efficient and the more adapted vision sensor is 
the scanning electron microscope (SEM). PhD works concern the 
calibration of the SEM, the tracking of objects in the images which are 
strongly noisy and the development of innovative visual servoings for 

REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: Experience with one or more of: Image 
Processing, Computer Vision, Visual servoing, Robotics, Experience of 
programming (C++).

ACADEMIC BACKGROUND: 5 years higher education (university's degree or 
engineering equivalence)

How to apply

If interested, please send before June 20 th, 2010 by e-mail to: 
nadine.piat at ens2m.fr ; 33 3 81 40 27 93

1- C.V.

2- Motivation letter (career plan, motivation for PhD, statement of 
research interest)

3- Copy of original study certificates with list of subjects, grades, 
and scale (indicate min, max, and pass threshold for your class) for 
Master degree, computer vision, image processing, Robotics, computer 

4 - Two references, including its phone contact details

Best regards

Nadine Piat

Nadine Le Fort-Piat
Professeur ENSMM
Départ. Automatique et Systèmes Micro-Mécatroniques (AS2M)

24, Rue Alain Savary
F - 25000 Besançon

Tel/Phone : +33 (0)3 81 40 27 93
Tel secrétariat: +33 (0)3 81 40 28 01
Fax : +33 (0)3 81 40 28 09
E-mail : nadine.piat at ens2m.fr


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