[robotics-worldwide] Program and CfP: RSS2010 GOOD EXPERIMENTAL METHODOLOGY in ROBOTICS and REPLICABLE ROBOTICS RESEARCH in Zaragoza, Spain, June 28, 2010

Fabio Bonsignorio fabio.bonsignorio at heronrobots.com
Fri May 21 04:26:09 PDT 2010

Apologies for multiple postings

Dear All,
you will find below the PROGRAM  for the RSS2010 Workshop on GOOD
You are invited to participate and contribute actively!
All the best
Fabio, John and Angel

Workshop Program

June, 28th 2010

8:30 8:40 Welcome and Introduction

8:40 9:10 FP7 Challenge 2 : Benchmarking and Standardization in FP7
Challenge 2 - Cognitive Systems and Robotics
A Bajart
Unit E5 - Cognitive Systems, Interaction and Robotics
EU Commission  DG INFSO

9:10 9:40 Grasping in GRASP: Benchmarking and evaluation
D Kragic
KTH Royal Institute of Technology

9:40 10:00 Comparison of grasping forces in multi-fingered hands
H Borgstrom
University of California Los Angeles

10:00 10:30 On grasping
V Kumar
University of Pennsylvania

10:30 11:00 coffee break

11:00 11:30: On Comparing SLAM
W Burgard
University of Freiburg

11:30 11:50 Information metrics for assistive human-in-the-loop
cognitive systems
M Stolen A Jardon C Balaguer
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
F Bonsignorio Heron Robots and Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

11:50 12:10 Benchmark Tools for Evaluating AGVs at Industrial Environments
H Yuste, L Armesto J Tornero
Universidad Politecnica de Valencia

12:10 13:00 Open discussion: Replicable and comparable robotics research,
how to perform and to report it?

Rationale and goals

 Good experimental work is not novel in robotics: there are many good
experimental scientists in our community. However, uniformly good
experimental work and reporting has not yet been achieved.

The purpose of this workshop is to encourage groups with ideas for
good experimental practice and reporting to discuss, evaluate and
share their experimental designs and techniques, to the benefit of the
whole community.
As the complexity of current robotic and embodied intelligent systems
grows, it is more and more necessary to define proper experimental
approaches and benchmarking procedures.
We will above all investigate opportunities and issues  (from
practical to epistemological ones)  of designing, performing and
PUBLISHING fully replicable research.

List of topics

- Design of Experiments in Robotics
- Execution of Experiments in Robotics
- Reporting Experiments in Robotics
- Examples of Good Practice
- Evaluation of Experimental Robotics Work
- Proposals for Promotion of Good Experimental Work
- Proposals for replicable robotics research reporting processes

The workshop will consist of presentations interleaved with a
significant amount of additional time for discussions between the
presentations and at the end of the single track sessions.

 The workshop will generate proceedings; selected contributions may be
invited to submit to a journal special issue on good experimental

Related workshops:
Previous workshops on the related topic of Benchmarking have been
organized successfully at IROS (4 in a row) and RSS conferences, while
successful ones on the same main topic was organized at RSS 2009 and ICRA 2010.

Workshop Organizers:

Fabio Bonsignorio, Heron Robots, Italy, <fabio.bonsignorio at heronrobots.com>
Angel P. del Pobil, Universitat  Jaume I, Spain, <pobil at icc.uji.es>
John Hallam, University of Southern Denmark, <john at mmmi.sdu.dk>


Fabio P. Bonsignorio

Heron Robots s.r.l.
Via R.Ceccardi 1/18
I-16121 Genova

Banco de Santander Chair of Excellence in Robotics
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Edificio Agustín de Betancourt, Despacho 1.3B01
Avda. Universidad, 30
28911 Leganés

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