[robotics-worldwide] WAFR 2010: workshop format adjustment

David Hsu dyhsu at comp.nus.edu.sg
Sat May 22 01:38:02 PDT 2010

The WAFR 2010 organization committee received comments from a number  
of people regarding the new workshop format and its potential  
implication on the acceptance rate for contributed papers.

In response to the feedback from the community, we have decided to  
make some adjustments to the workshop format:

* Presentations of all contributed papers will have the same amount of  
* Time dedicated for discussion may be planned at the end of sessions.

This way, topics for discussion can be focused and tailored to the  
interest of workshop participants. As stated earlier, one primary  
objective of WAFR 2010 is to encourage interactions and discussions  
among the participants.

We would also like to stress that there is no specific limit on the  
number of accepted papers. It is anticipated that the number of  
accepted papers will be comparable to earlier WAFRs. All accepted  
papers will have the same maximum page length in the published  

WAFR 2010 Organization Commitee
David Hsu, Volkan Isler, Jean-Claude Latombe, and Ming Lin

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