[robotics-worldwide] PR2 Robot Available for Purchase

Keenan Wyrobek keenan at willowgarage.com
Mon Oct 11 22:59:02 PDT 2010

After years of design, prototyping, and testing, and with 11 PR2 robots
already in the field, Willow Garage is proud to announce that PR2 is
officially available for purchase.  We would like to thank everyone in the
community who has made PR2 and ROS what they are today.

You can read about PR2 here.

The price of the PR2 is $400,000.  We are also announcing the PR2 Open
Source Discount Award. Our goal with this award program is to encourage and
reward those who have previously made significant contributions to the open
source community.  The award provides a $120,000 discount on a PR2 purchase.
 Details on the open source discount can be found here.

We are dedicated to growing the PR2 community. We know that purchasing a PR2
requires fundraising and we will do what we can to make that process easier.
We have a sole source justification in editable format and other fundraising
materials available upon request here. Please let us know if we can help
your fundraising in other ways.

Use this form to get a personalized quote emailed to you instantly.

Please contact us if you have any questions or are interested in purchasing
or raising money to purchase a PR2.

      +1(650) 733-4772
      pr2info at willowgarage.com


Keenan Wyrobek

Keenan Wyrobek - 650 475 2814
Co-Director, Personal Robotics Program
Willow Garage, 68 Willow Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025

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