[robotics-worldwide] deadline 29 Oct - AUV research - Special Issue of the HCMR MMSJ + HNODC archive

Blanco M. M.Blanco at soton.ac.uk
Tue Oct 12 11:27:59 PDT 2010

2nd notice - extended deadline

Special Issue of the HCMR Mediterranean Marine Science Journal
with data archive at Hellenic National Oceanographic Data Centre
static webpage: <www.freesubnet.eu/journals>

We are pleased to announce that the Mediterranean Marine Science Journal <http://www.medit-mar-sc.net/> will devote a special issue to Autonomous Underwater Vehicles.  This is the idea of the FREESUBNET Senior Scientist at the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR), Petros Pavlakis.

The submission deadline has been extended to 29 October 2010.  The instructions for authors can be found at <http://www.medit-mar-sc.net/articleview1.php?id=151>.  Dr. Pavlakis will accept submissions *only of MS-Word*
by email to <ppavla at ath.hcmr.gr>.  Any identifying features (names, addresses) should be limited to the first page.

Two separate streams are planned:

STREAM 1:  Types of Contributions
a) Research articles: not longer than 30 printed pages.
b) Short communications: shorter research notes, not longer than 2 printed pages.
The specifications at <http://www.medit-mar-sc.net/articleview1.php?id=151> apply.

STREAM 2: Data Base for AUVs
Dr. Pavlakis has made special arrangements with the Hellenic National Oceanographic Data Centre <http://www.hcmr.gr/hnodc> to archive the collected AUV-specific data sets that are solicited for this special issue of the MMSJ.  Submissions will be in two parts:
    a) print explanation of the raw data to be published in the MMSJ
    b) the raw data to be archived at the HNODC
STREAM 2 Part a) will take the form of `Short communications: shorter research notes, not longer than 2 printed pages.' as explained
in <http://www.freesubnet.eu/journals/fsnMMSJ-STREAM2.pdf>. Part b) raw data are to be submitted separately, once the print submission part a) has been approved.  This MMSJ/HNODC/FREESUBNET collaboration will be accessible to all future researchers who might wish to benchmark the performance of their algorithm on known data.

The External Reviewers will be announced shortly on the page <http://www.freesubnet.eu/journals>.

The Guest Editors for this special issue will be
* Petros Pavlakis, HCMR
* Max Blanco, University of Southampton
* Philip Wilson, University of Southampton

This Special Issue will serve as a focal point for future AUV researchers, and it will be a nice summary of the accomplishments of FREESUBNET.  Submissions from non-FREESUBNET activities or groups are actively encouraged, but these all must be specific to Autonomous Underwater Vehicle research.

Dr. Max Blanco, for Dr. Petros Pavlakis and Prof. Philip A. Wilson.

Dr. Max Blanco

Marie Curie Research Fellow
Freesubnet Project
Room 28/1003
School of Engineering Sciences
University of Southampton
SO17 1BJ

M: +44.07553.123.255
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