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Journal of Field Robotics
Special Issue on Safety, Security, and Rescue Robotics (SSRR)

Special Issue Guest Editors:
Andreas Birk, Jacobs University
Fumitoshi Matsuno, Kyoto University

This special issue on Safety, Security, and Rescue Robotics (SSRR) is 
dedicated to identifying and solving the key issues necessary to field 
capable robots in response missions. This includes aerial and ground 
robots as well as unmanned underwater and surface marine vehicles. The 
scope of this special issue on SSRR covers the robots’ overall design as 
well as crucial components, e.g., for advanced locomotion, and 
intelligent onboard functionalities up to full autonomy.

Contributions of interests can hence come from the following three 
areas: 1) vehicles, i.e., complete marine, aerial, and ground robots as 
well as their components, 2) intelligent functionalities, e.g., mapping, 
advanced user interfaces, software components for autonomy, and 3) 
applications, e.g., field reports and end user studies. The related 
topics include:

- locomotion for ground, aerial, marine systems in unstructured environments
- non-standard designs including systems with many degrees of freedom 
and micro-robots
- mobile manipulation including the handling of human victims or of 
hazardous objects, or the facilitation of enabling actions like opening 
doors or removing obstacles
- sensing and perception to aid navigation and motion control, to detect 
and recognize hazards, and to detect victims
- mapping of unstructured environments including 2-D and 3-D approaches, 
the integration of GIS, and the handling of dynamic and semantic information
- intelligent behaviors to improve robot performance, survivability, and 
usability, e.g., handling radio-drop-outs, driving assistance, and the 
detection of hazardous areas
- advanced human-robot interfaces, especially to improve remote 
situational awareness
- algorithms for autonomous search, exploration, and surveillance
- multi-robot teams and mixed human-robot teams
- scenario identification and specification, e.g. for application areas 
like urban search and rescue, explosive ordinance disposal, CBRN hazard 
detection/mitigation, or surveillance
- emergency management concepts covering for example training methods
- performance requirements and evaluation methods

Submissions must follow the spirit of the Journal of Field Robotics, 
i.e., they must describe fully implemented systems that were tested 
under realistic conditions or even deployed in regular operations. 
Authors are encouraged to submit multimedia attachments to the paper, 
i.e., data sets, videos, etc.

Important dates:
- 15. November 2010: Submission of manuscripts
- 01. February 2010: Reviews sent to the authors
- 15. March 2010: Final manuscripts due for publication

Submission instructions can be found on the website of the Journal of 
Field Robotics at <http://www.journalfieldrobotics.org/>.

For comments, suggestions, or requests regarding this special issue, 
please send an email to Andreas Birk (a.birk at jacobs-university.de)

Prof. Dr. Andreas Birk
Jacobs University

School of Engineering and Science
Research 1, Campus Ring 12, 28759 Bremen, Germany


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