[robotics-worldwide] Senior Robotics Engineer position with Alonzo Kelly @ NREC of Carnegie Mellon

Jenn Gustin jgustin at rec.ri.cmu.edu
Fri Oct 15 10:20:37 PDT 2010

NREC Associate Director, Alonzo Kelly, is seeking candidates for a *Senior
Robotics Engineer.

The US National Robotics Engineering Center is a part of the Robotics
Institute of Carnegie Mellon University that specializes in both research
and development of complete robotics systems. Field testing is an important
part of our approach to ensuring relevance of the work. Our activities span
many robotics application areas including mining, petroleum, agriculture,
manufacturing, security, hazardous, military, and space.  See
http://www.nrec.ri.cmu.edu/ for more information.

We would like to fill a senior robotics engineer position immediately in
support of several new research programs.  Preference will be given to US
citizens or permanent residents or to individuals who may be eligible for
such status in a few years.

Position: Senior Robotics Engineer
Specialty: Vision-Based Navigation
Description: Initial project assignments will include a robust
implementation of visual triangulation of a moving camera in a known scene
and associated modeling of aerospace vehicles using colorized lidar data.
Later project assignments will include development of various forms of
odometry, tracking, pose refinement and mapping, based on either or both of
camera and lidar data, as they occur in diverse applications of mobile
Qualifications:  The ideal applicant will have several years experience
implementing some of the following standard computer vision algorithms:
identifying features, tracking features, pose refinement, mosaicking,
mapping, recognition, stereo, structure from motion, and visual odometry.
Some experience in any of optimal estimation, inertial navigation, and
computer graphics will be useful.

Applicants will ideally possess a solid preparation for performing research,
experience in the implementation of nontrivial applications, experience in
software development as a member of a small team, and a strong interest in
useful realization of the technology.

Please email JOBS at REC.RI.CMU.EDU, subject - Sr. Robotics Engineer

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