[robotics-worldwide] Robotica 28(7) Dec 2010

Gregory S Chirikjian gchirik1 at jhu.edu
Tue Oct 19 07:00:54 PDT 2010


The following papers will be appearing in print shortly.


Greg Chirikjian
Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Johns Hopkins University


Volume 28 Part 7 December 2010

An improved multipurpose field robot for installing construction materials,
Seungyeol Lee, Seungnam Yu, Seokjong Yu and Changsoo Han                         945

Determining maximum load carrying capacity of planar flexible-link robot:
closed-loop approach, M. H. Korayem, R. Haghighi, A. H. Korayem,
A. Nikoobin and A. Alamdari                                                                 959

Output feedback sliding mode control for robot manipulators,
Shafiqul Islam and Peter X. Liu                                                                 975

Orientation workspace analysis of a special class of the Stewart–Gough parallel
manipulators, Yi Cao, Zhen Huang, Hui Zhou and Weixi Ji                                         989

Outdoor mapping and localization using satellite images, C. U. Dogruer,
A. B. Koku and M. Dolen                                                                        1001

Azimuthal source localization using interaural coherence in a robotic dog:
modeling and application, Rong Liu and Yongxuan Wang                                        1013

Stochastic optimization-based approach for multifingered grasps synthesis,
Belkacem Bounab, Abdenour Labed and Daniel Sidobre                                1021

A linear optimal tracker designed for omnidirectional vehicle dynamics linearized
based on kinematic equations, Kuo-Yang Tu                                                        1033

A smart hydraulic joint for future implementation in robotic structures,
J. Berring, K. Kianfar, C. Lira, C. Menon and F. Scarpa                                        1045

Sound source tracking considering obstacle avoidance for a mobile robot,
Naoki Uchiyama, Shigenori Sano and Akihiro Yamamoto                                1057

Design and kinematics analysis of a new 3CCC parallel mechanism,
Dongming Gan, Qizheng Liao, Jian S. Dai and Shimin Wei                                1065

Tendon sheath analysis for estimation of distal end force and elongation
for sensorless distal end, S. J. Phee, S. C. Low, P. Dario and A. Menciassi                        1073

Determining maximum load-carrying capacity of robots using adaptive robust
neural controller, M. H. Korayem, A. Alamdari, R. Haghighi
and A. H. Korayem                                                                                1083

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