[robotics-worldwide] PhD positions available at the Italian Institute of Technology

Giorgio Metta pasa at liralab.it
Wed Sep 1 10:24:34 PDT 2010

I'd like to draw your attention to the following call.
 Giorgio Metta

University of Genoa - Italian Institute of Technology
Doctoral Course on "Robotics, Cognition and Interaction Technologies"

PhD positions are available at the Italian Institute of Technology to work
on the Open Source humanoid robot iCub (http://www.icub.org) under the
following themes:

Theme 1.1: Finite element analysis and CAD design of robotic components made
from engineered stiffness composite materials
Theme 1.2: Learning body dynamics and control
Theme 1.3: Manipulation, touch & learning in a humanoid robot
Theme 1.4: Advanced humanoid robot programming techniques
Theme 1.5: Developing perception in a humanoid robot
Theme 1.6: Variable impedance control and modelling
Theme 1.7: Developing motoric perceptual categories for support relations
Theme 1.8: Active perception for learning the self and others
Theme 1.16: Fast adaptation to novel kinematics and dynamics contexts
Theme 1.17: Speech perception using motor information
Theme 1.18: Reaching and moving in peripersonal space for a humanoid robot
Theme 1.19: Information theoretic learning of sensorimotor coordination

Not all posts need to be filled. They are just indicative of the topics and
skills we're looking for. The successful applicant has to be motivated and
curious, hold a Masters degree (disciplines are indicated in the call and
may vary depending on the theme) and simultaneously she/he has to be
technically talented to transform ideas into reality. Not less importantly,
students are required to develop their research on the iCub humanoid robot
(or parts of it).

Students will join the multidisciplinary environment of the "Robotics, Brain
and Cognitive Sciences" (RBCS) department of IIT
(http://www.iit.it/en/rbcs/). At RBCS we are doing first class neuroscience
and robotics research by sharing fundamental scientific objectives in the
field of action execution and interpretation (see for example RBCS list of
publications as well as our international collaborations).

Our laboratories are fully equipped and IIT has established facilities for
mechanical, electronics and material studies, development and engineering.
Students can count on experienced support technicians but also with a
growing community of iCub developers (20 robots exist worldwide).

To apply please send a detailed CV, a research statement/plan, reference
letters, degree certificates, transcripts of grades and any additional
support material via the online form at http://www.iit.it/en/home.html
(follow the links and instructions). You need to specify the theme (only
one!) you're most interested in and formulate the research statement
accordingly. The deadline for application is the 24th of September 2010 (no
extensions are possible, no exceptions).

For administrative help with the application please contact Ms. Anastasia
Bruzzone (anastasia.bruzzone at iit.it). For questions about the research
topics or additional background information please contact Giorgio Metta at
giorgio.metta at iit.it (other contact people are listed in the respective

Giorgio Metta <giorgio.metta at iit.it>

Italian Institute of Technology
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16163 Genoa, Italy                         
Ph: +39 010 7178-1411
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URL: http://pasa.liralab.it 

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