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The new issue of the IEEE Transactions on Robotics is available
online at:


This link allows free access to all abstracts of the papers, as well as
full access to the pdf files by subscription (either individual or

The table of contents is as follows:

* The Actuator With Mechanically Adjustable Series Compliance,
   Hurst, J. W.  Chestnutt, J. E.  Rizzi, A. A.
   Page(s): 597 - 606

* Dual-Differential Rheological Actuator for High-Performance
   Physical Robotic Interaction,
   Fauteux, P.  Lauria, M.  Heintz, B.  Michaud, F.
   Page(s): 607 - 618

* Evolutionary Trajectory Planner for Multiple UAVs in
   Realistic Scenarios,
   Besada-Portas, E.  de la Torre, L.  de la Cruz, J. M.
   de Andres-Toro, B.
   Page(s): 619 - 634

* Sampling-Based Path Planning on Configuration-Space Costmaps,
   Jaillet, L.  Cortes J.  Simeon, T.
   Page(s): 635 - 646

* Vector Fields for Robot Navigation Along Time-Varying Curves in
   $n$ -Dimensions,
   Goncalves, V. M.  Pimenta , L. C. A.  Maia, C. A.
   Dutra, B. C. O.  Pereira , G. A. S.
   Page(s): 647 - 659

* General-Weighted Least-Norm Control for Redundant Manipulators,
   Xiang, J.  Zhong, C.  Wei, W.
   Page(s): 660 - 669

* Proxy-Based Sliding Mode Control: A Safer Extension of PID
   Position Control,
   Kikuuwe , R.  Yasukouchi, S.  Fujimoto, H.  Yamamoto , M.
   Page(s): 670 - 683

* Decoupled Image-Based Visual Servoing for Cameras Obeying the
   Unified Projection Model,
   Tahri, O.  Mezouar, Y.  Chaumette, F.  Corke, P.
   Page(s): 684 - 697

* An Integrated System for User-Adaptive Robotic Grasping,
   Ralph, M.  Moussa, M. A.
   Page(s): 698 - 709

* Optimization of a Parallel Shoulder Mechanism to Achieve a
   High-Force, Low-Mass, Robotic-Arm Exoskeleton,
   Klein, J.  Spencer, S.  Allington, J.  Bobrow, J. E.
   Reinkensmeyer, D.
   Page(s): 710 - 715

* Detecting Region Transitions for Human-Augmented Mapping,
   Topp, E. A.  Christensen, H. I.
   Page(s): 715 - 720

* Task Selection for Control of Active-Vision Systems,
   Iwatani, Y.
   Page(s): 720 - 725

* Robot Positioning Using Camera-Space Manipulation With a
   Linear Camera Model,
   Rendon-Mancha , J. M.  Cardenas, A.  Garcia, M. A.
   Gonzalez-Galv?n, E.  Lara, B.
   Page(s): 726 - 733

* Adaptive Task-Space Tracking Control of Robots Without
   Task-Space- and Joint-Space-Velocity Measurements,
   Liang, X.  Huang, X.  Wang, M.  Zeng, X.
   Page(s): 733 - 742

* Cooperative Load Transport: A Formation-Control Perspective,
   Bai, H.  Wen, J. T.
   Page(s): 742 - 750

* Sliding-Mode Velocity Control of Mobile-Wheeled
   Inverted-Pendulum Systems,
   Huang, J.  Guan, Z.  Matsuno, T.  Fukuda, T.  Sekiyama, K.
   Page(s): 750 - 758

* Invariant Trajectory Tracking With a Full-Size Autonomous
   Road Vehicle,
   Werling, M.  Groll, L.  Bretthauer, G.
   Page(s): 758 - 765

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