[robotics-worldwide] PhD Openings in HyQ Project (Hydraulic Quadruped Robot) at Italian Institute of Technology, Dept. of Advanced Robotics

Claudio Semini claudio.semini at iit.it
Tue Sep 7 03:29:06 PDT 2010

The Department of Advanced Robotics 
(http://www.iit.it/en/advanced-robotics) at the Italian Institute of 
Technology IIT (an English language Institute) placed in Genoa has 2 PhD 
openings within the HyQ project (Hydraulically Actuated Quadruped 
Robot). Starting date is in January 2011.


HyQ is a new fully torque-controlled hydraulic quadruped robot that has 
been recently developed and built in the Department of Advanced Robotics 
at the Italian Institute of Technology. More information and pictures 
are available here:


HyQ is designed to move over rough terrain and perform highly dynamic 
tasks such as jumping and running with different gaits. To achieve the 
required high joint speeds and torques, hydraulic cylinders are 
actuating most joints in the robot's legs. HyQ's current dimensions are 
comparable to the size of a goat.


PhD Themes:

*Theme 2.16a: Development of a medium size hydraulic quadruped robot for 
dynamic tasks
Tutors: Dr. Claudio Semini, Dr. Nikos Tsagarakis

The goal of the first PhD proposal is the development and evaluation of 
a smaller size version of the HyQ robot. The design of the new robot 
platform will be based on the experiences gained from HyQ and through 
modelling and simulation. The PhD student will evaluate both linear and 
rotational hydraulic actuators driven by either oil or water.

Requirements: The successful candidate is able to both work in a team 
and independently. He/she has a degree in mechanical, mechatronic or 
electric engineering, preferably with practical experience in robot 
design.  (60% mechanical design, 20% hydraulics, 20% software).

For further details concerning the research project, please contact: 
claudio.semini at iit.it, nikos.tsagarakis at iit.it

*Theme 2.16b: Energy Efficient Hydraulic Actuation for Autonomous Robotics
Tutor: Dr Emanuele Guglielmino, Dr Claudio Semini, Dr David T Branson

Power-autonomy and specifically power efficiency is a fundamental issue 
that must be addressed for HyQ or any autonomous robot.

The aim of the second PhD proposal is to develop compact, small size and 
light weight power transmission systems for the HyQ robot to enhance its 
power-autonomy. This will include investigating the energy storage 
medium (e.g. hydrogen gas, gasoline, H202, propane, etc.), electrical 
and hydraulic power supply system and components. Work will involve 
modeling, simulation, prototyping and experimental work on a team based 

Technical skills: Degree in mechanical/electrical/mechatronics 
engineering. Background in power transmission, control, and fluid power 
also required.

For further details concerning the research project, please contact: 
emanuele.guglielmino at iit.it; claudio.semini at iit.it; david.branson at iit.it


Application Procedure:

To apply please send a detailed CV, a statement of motivation, at least 
2 reference letters, degree certificates, transcripts of grades and any 
additional support material to Dr. Claudio Semini: 
(claudio.semini at iit.it) and Dr. Emanuele Guglielmino: 
(emanuele.guglielmino at iit.it). In addition, the applicants should fill 
the online application form at (http://www.iit.it/en/home.html) under 
the “PhD School – Life and Human Technologies” Tab no later than the 
24th of September 2010.

For administrative help with the application please contact Ms. 
Anastasia Bruzzone by email (anastasia.bruzzone at iit.it) or phone (+39 
010 71781 472) Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

  International applications are encouraged and will receive logistic 
support with visa issues, relocation, etc.


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